Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I REALLY Liked Last Friday's Mail Delivery!

Look what came in last Friday's mail...a package...for ME! Yay! Kim (Kim's Treasures blog) sent me a lovely package just to say she was thinking of & praying for me and the family. How nice was THAT? Thanks, meant so much!
Ooooooh, I could barely wait to see what was inside!
Kim included a lovely handwritten note...
Check out all the wonderful things that were inside the package!
Is this not so adorable??? I love all the detail! This sweet jar is filled with Bliss melt-away chocolates :)

Just look at the workmanship of these beautiful handmade cards...I just LOVE them! And look at that cute canvas bag with the yo-yo detail....soooo sweet!
This bracelet is just darling! Click on the picture for a better view. Look closely at the beads...see the breast cancer ribbon logo? Love it! My husband wears the pink wristband in support of me; now I can wear this pretty one :) Ya know, on that note...can you believe Bobby has actually had guys tease him for wearing that? They feel bad when Bobby tells them why.

A great big huge THANK YOU again to Kim for sending me such a wonderful package!!! You're one talented chick and I'm so grateful to be on the receiving end of such awesome things :)

Be on the lookout for an upcoming post about other special bloggers in my life who were so sweet to send me some very wonderful, I've been gettin' so blessed by people's thoughtfulness! Can't wait to share photos of the other things I've received in the mail!

Until next time,


  1. TOOOOOO AWESOME! Aren't bloggers the best!!!!! I am tellin' ya these are the best bunch of ladies ever, don't you wish we were all neighbors? Talk about a great community! We are so blessed! I look forward to seeing your other little pretties!


  2. How wonderful, Michelle!!!

    We're all here for you...


  3. Hi really got some nice treasures. I agree with Kelly, I wish us bloggers were all fun would that be!!!


  4. I agree with Kelly, You dear blogging buddies are so awesome. We have such a sweet community of ladies. Imagine that just a year ago I knew nothing of this blogging world, and I am so blessed and enriched by all of you. I receive encouragement and joy from all of you as well as prayer. All the best! Wow, what a lovely package Michelle, from a sweet blogger. Have a nice evening, Michelle. Hugs, Kathi

  5. AWWW Michelle! How sweet of you to show your package! Thanks for your sweet words! I agree with everyone too...all our blogging buddies are the very best! It is so nice knowing we have others across the country and world actually, cheering us on! Have a wonderful day! I can't wait to see what else you have received!

  6. What a great box of love..
    smiles, Deena

  7. What a great package of goodies you got. Very pretty things for a very pretty lady!

    I am happy those people felt bad after your husband told them why he wears it. They should feel bad for ever saying anything to anyone wearing one. Maybe they will think next time before they speak.


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