Monday, August 11, 2008

Chicago, Day #2

We didn't go to the Hard Rock Cafe but I got a quick picture of it...
The ferris wheel @ Navy Pier. We didn't go on it :) The last time I was on a ferris wheel was about 7 or 8 years ago @ Cedar Point in Ohio and it temporarily stopped when we were at the top - yikes! We were overlooking the water and it was pretty scary. Since then I haven't really felt the need for a ferris wheel ride!
A "Bubba Gump" restaurant @ Navy Pier. It was PACKED with people, even at 10 p.m.!
Check out the window washers on the side of this high-rise building! BLAH; I think I'd be sick...don't sign me up for THAT job!!!
This is part of the hotel restaurant where we ate breakfast each morning. Very contemporary, huh? I had to chuckle when I was trying to scoot that whole couch back in a little bit after I sat down with my plate of food from the buffet. The waiter was right there to actually push the couch in for you! It just seemed kind of funny to me :)
A gorgeous view of the city from the beach...
After breakfast on Wednesday morning, Bobby & I walked across the street to the beach @ Lake Michigan. Bobby has a tendency to give everyone nicknames...our family is no exception! Our oldest daughter, Taylor, is "Baby P" - which is short for Baby Princess. Our daughter, Tess, is affectionately known as "Ninny" or "Nin". Bobby thought it'd be funny to write the girls a little message in the sand. (I told him he spelled "Ninny" wrong; he just shrugged and said, 'oh well'!)

Wednesday evening was our dinner cruise on The Odyssey. The ship departed from Navy Pier, just across the street from the hotel where we were staying...
*Click on picture to enlarge* This tells about the Odyssey ship we went on. It was a very classy dinner cruise. The food was delicious :) I ordered some kind of pork chop with grilled vegetables. Sorry I don't have better pictures to show you of the cruise; they came out a bit dark :( The ship stopped near the end of the cruise so we could watch the fireworks going on near Navy Pier. They put on a fabulous show!

So, that concludes our wonderful trip to Chicago, folks :) We sure enjoyed a nice time away. It was like those two days were a special gift to me. The weather was PURR-FECT the whole time we were there and our travels on the way there & back were without incident (well, except for the nice chip in my windshield from a gravel truck on the e-way! We drove the new Vibe).

Thanks for reading about our fun trip!

Until next time,


  1. It sounds like a GREAT trip! I'm so glad you and Bobby had the time away...together. Such a blessing.

    Tomorrow on DAY of PRAYER, we will once again be including you...for, of course, prayer. It's great that we have that to offer to you.


  2. I have never thought of going to Chicago before, it looks like a really nice place.


  3. The view from Navy Pier is so pretty! Love being on the water!
    Hope you are doing well! Have a great night!

  4. Oh it's just wonderful. I'm so glad you could do this trip with your sweet hubby, Michelle. Hugs and prayers, Kathi

  5. I knew the dinner crusie would be awesome!!!! great pics !!! and praying for you today!!!! talk to you later!!
    and those fireworks were meant for you girl!!! celebrating life!!!!!!

    love ya,

  6. Hi Michelle,
    Looks like a wonderful trip ,so happy for ya'll getting to go.
    I'm so glad Bobby keeps you laughing.:o) We all need to laugh and enjoy life!

  7. Hi Michelle...looks like you guys had a great time. Navy Pier is so fun and I've always wanted to go on the Odyssey, but we can never find the money to do it...sigh!

    Take care girl...and hugz,

  8. Don't ya just love Chicago and it looks like you were blessed with the best room in the city. Glad you both had such a great time. Also how fun that you and Kelly met. I look forward to the day that I get to meet some of my "imaginary friends" as my kids love to call them.

    Still praying on,

  9. Michelle,
    What a lovely get away with your favorite person. Our son and his family went on the architecture tour by boat last week in Chicago and said it was awesome.
    You are in my prayers! Beth


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