Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome To A Little Tour...enjoy!

I was inspired by 2 other bloggers to make floral arrangements to hang on either side of the front door. Didn't mean to be a copycat but I LOVED the ones each gal had made for her house! Thanks, Rhoda (Southern Hospitality) and Debra (The Bunnie's Bungalow)!!! The flowers are from Hobby Lobby (got 'em 1/2 off - gotta love that) and the wire planters were actually found at a local dollar store...where everything is NOT necessarily a dollar, even though 'Dollar' is part of the store's name! Go figure :) It's one of my favorite stores, to be honest. The planters were only $5 each. Not bad at all 'cause I priced them @ Hobby Lobby...there they cost almost twice as much for one.
I sewed the chair cushion and throw pillow. I love mixing & matching different fabrics :)

That metal shelf is a curbside find! I was originally going to paint it but then decided to leave 'as is'. I sewed a long panel of fabric with ties to make a 'cover' of sorts for it. I got all the Americana decor pieces at one of the local Goodwill stores.

A whimsical garland I made that hangs above the front door...
The morning glories are shooting right up around the arbor. That makes me happy!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some parts of my home :) I've been working around outside, just staying busy. Yep, busy is real good right now!

Thanks for looking!

Until next time,


  1. Michelle, you did a beautiful job on those arrangements, gorgeous!! I love your porch decor too, so festive for summer :)


  2. Michelle~Everything is beautiful! I love the fabrics you chose for the pillows and panel for your shelf! My morning glory keeps getting nibbled down by the bunny! But I am very thankful the bunny only loves that plant and my weeds yet leaves the garden all for us!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi Michelle,
    Beautiful! Did did a wonderful Job! Love the pics. THanks For sharing!

  4. Michelle,

    The garland and pillows are adorable.

    Sunbonnet Cottage

  5. Michelle..I love your've done a wonderful job decorating!

    Thanks for the encouraging words about kidney stones..yes, they're very painful and I've been drinking tons of water today.


  6. Michelle-

    I was here on your blog when I got a notice that a comment from you on my blog. Very weird!! God is meaning for us to connect I guess.

    Can you tell me what part of Michigan you are from?

    Still praying,

  7. Hi Sheryl ~ I'm in the "Tri-City" area near Saginaw :-) Please feel free to e-mail me anytime! My address is on my sidebar.

  8. I love it all! I want to come over and sip iced tea with you on the porch! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words! Have a wonderful evening!

  9. Very nice Michelle! I didnt know you were into country decor!
    As always, very pretty decor :)
    Love Candy

  10. It's very pretty indeed! Glad you were inspired by me! And you got great bargains too, Hugs, DebraK


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