Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Request...

I don't usually write deep personal stuff on my blog here. For whatever reason, I just haven't really felt comfortable to do that, I suppose.

Now I need to.

Please, please, please pray for me today, if you will. The short version of the story is this...

Last week I found a lump in my breast. Made an appointment for a mammogram. Got in the next day. Told the tech what I'd found before she started. She was very concerned and actually found another pea sized one. They did the mammogram and read the results. I then had an ultrasound.

The day after the tests, I got a call from my own ob-gyn group and they had scheduled an appointment with a breast surgeon. My appointment is this morning.

If any you have been reading my blog, you'll already know a bit of my family history...

My mom died of breast cancer. Two of her sisters and a niece have also dealt with breast cancer. One of my dad's sisters just went through having breast cancer.

My cousin Tammy has had 2 bouts of thyroid cancer. She goes today for a full body scan to see if her cancer has returned.

We got together this past Saturday to do a little shopping and have lunch. You can imagine it was an interesting conversation at our little table at Olive Garden that day :)

Thanks in advance for your prayers. Oh my word, do I need some peace right now. I am so nervous I feel like I could throw up :)

I'll keep you updated....

Well, here's the update. (Yeah, I know - I wasn't expecting it so soon either.) The doctor just called with the results and I DO have breast cancer.

I spoke with Tammy...she is fine! Praise God!

Please keep me & my family in your will be most appreciated :)


  1. Wishing you well with your appointment today.

  2. Michelle, my love and prayers are with you, dear friend.

  3. Michelle~praying all goes well!

  4. Michelle,
    My Love, thoughts and prayers are with you! I walked this mile in your shoes!

  5. You already know Ive been praying and will continue for sure.
    Love C

  6. Michelle, I was checking out the blogs on Linda's Blogging Buddies list. I am so glad I came by today because it gives me the chance to start praying today. I know you don't know me and I don't know you (although I look forward to learning more) but you are now on my prayer list and you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care and may you find peace in the ocming days. I look forward to browsing more on your blog. Kim Sue

  7. ***********************************
    To my dear friend Michelle:
    You will most definitely be covered in prayer, I can assure you of that!
    Remember God is a God who does hear and does answer prayer.
    My friend, I am going to have lots of faith for you. I will not let any doubts at all creep into my mind and heart. I will be strong for you Michelle. When your Faith is low, my Faith is going to be real high and real strong.
    I love ya lots Michelle. I am here for you.
    Love Candy

  8. Oh Michelle! I'll be praying deligently for you. As I look down at my orange wrist band I'm wearing for my 5 year old nephew-in-law that has cancer, I'll also remember you in prayer. Giving your family history, I know you must be scared. I pray that the Great Physian and Healer poors out His peace and mercy on you and your family has you begin this journey. Keep us posted.
    (((hugs)))) and prayers,

  9. Michelle, I am calling out to God and lifting you up in prayer, through my tears right now.

    You are a child of God and he only wants the best for you and for your family. He performs miracles and has a divine plan for you...I'm trusting in him for your healing and giving him all the glory!

    Please please keep us updated. Take care friend!

  10. Precious Sweet Michelle,
    I will be linked heart to heart with you through this time! Gather your loved ones around, pray and lay hands on and expect God to heal you, I know it is hard right now, but please dear sweet sister try and stay out of is where satan wants us to reside! Remember, he is here to steal, kill and destroy us every minute of the day, he wants us to feel defeated! What can I do to help you right now Michelle?? Let me know please, you can call me and we can pray together...
    Donna Lynn

  11. Oh Michelle, I'm so very sorry. I'm changing my prayers now to complete healing for you. I just went through the "scare" a few months back, so I know a little of how the nervousness can take its toll on you.
    I'm grateful that Tammy is fine, and I'm praying that you will be too.
    Love and gentle hugs to you, my friend....

  12. My dear blog sister:

    God is with you right now in the midst of this and God will be with you after you are healed. I stand with you right now in the name of Jesus and plead for your healing. Praising God for his mercy and grace. Keep pressing on Michelle and I hold you close in prayer.

    Love in Jesus,

    Debbie Kay

  13. PRAYING ...praying praying..this diagnosis is VERY near and dear to my are at the top of my list..

  14. I can't stand it Michelle! I just read your post. I'm praying right now for you. You are loved and cared about by many. I'm in shock. Nothing matters at this moment, but trust in God, and all my little stupid things don't matter. My heart is heavy, but I will go to God about you and all that is on your plate at this moment. Hugs, Kathi

  15. Oh sweetie, Please know that you have my prayers. Please please please remember that with God all things are possible. I will pray for a quick and full recovery. I am so sorry you are going through this right now and please know I'm here for you if you ever want to chat.

    Please keep us update as to how things are going.

    Big hugs,


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