Monday, June 9, 2008

Graduation Scrapbooks (Made By Me!)

Just thought I'd share a few photos of some of the scrapbook pages. I've mentioned my uh, "issue" with procrastination...LOL Can we say POWER SCRAPBOOKING?! ha ha ha Yep, I put 40 some pages together within a span of 2 days. I don't know WHY I do that to myself (put stuff off until the last possible moment)! I've actually got one more book to finish but that open house isn't until 6/21 so I'll be fine :) (No, I'm NOT gonna leave it until the day before! Nope, I'm gonna work on it THIS WEEK and have it all wrapped up, ready to go!!!)


  1. Loved all the pics. Your gifted.
    Love ya

  2. I Love you gifts ! You did a Great JOb! I'm with you I Love homemade with Love.

  3. What wonderful graduation gifts they will make! I know they will be cherished forever...

  4. How nice & great gifts! Congrats on getting it done in time....LOL

    I'm somewhat of a procrastinator too, Hugs, DebraK

  5. Procrastination must work for you because you did an awesome job! Those are wonderful.

  6. Rich has a shirt that says,

    "Procrastinators Unite...

    You go girl! I'm all about power scrapbooking! I think with this busted ankle I might be doing more sewing and scrapbooking these next 2 weeks myself. We'll see :o)

  7. These are great gifts. You are talented Michelle. I'm with you. I don't have an extra $160 laying around. Some of my graduates are family (nephew), so I divided the money by how close I was to that child. $35 for close family, $20 for good friends and not so close family, and I had to go with $10 for all others. Some of the others were friends I hadn't heard from in five years and live in our other state. I really think making things like you have done and the purchased sets too, were a great idea. They were tasteful gifts. Have a great Friday. Hugs, Kathi

    PS Please take the Blogging Buddy award from my Schmitty post. You deserve it.


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