Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To Blog Or Not To Blog?

I gotta tell ya the honest truth. Sometimes I just don't know if I should continue blogging or not. Sometimes I think to myself, 'who even reads this anyhow?' (besides a handful of people I know and count as friends or family - that means you, sis!). I find myself wondering what I should post about next - WHAT exactly do I share that's even halfway interesting? How many pictures do I include? What if no one leaves a comment at all? ('Cause I think if I got ZERO comments, I might just feel like a huge loser! ha ha)

Now, I know I really shouldn't be concerned with all of those things. But I suppose I'd be lying if I said they didn't cross my mind.(Has anyone else out there ever dealt with these feelings? Anyone at all?)

Then I think of all the sweet friends I've made through this whole blogging adventure. And ya know what? I'm thankful for them and something inside me urges me to continue. I like 'visiting' your blogs out there and leaving a comment. So that's what I'm gonna do for now. (After all, I still have the rest of my house tour to share - in case anyone is interested! LOL)


  1. I feel the same way sometimes too. What should I write about, who even cares, what if my blog is not even as good as everyone elses and all that stuff.
    But now I just write for me. If people are interested in my life and want to follow along then thats awesome because I like making friends. And if nobody botehrs to visit my blog then thats fine too because I will still continue to write it, when I can.
    Im always interested in you and your life :) and pics of your home and all that. Its interesting to me.
    Love ya,
    p.s. I love what we done to the blog, its so pretty :) the daisys are so cute and the B&W is so you! :)

  2. Hey girls! :) I feel the same as both of you said. I'm going to be cutting back on blogging and actually doing a lot more living. I have been blogging too much - thinking about what I want to blog too mcuh, etc. etc. I just wnat to live - I don't want to feel any more commitment to have to blog... so I'm just taking a break.

    I enjoy reading both your blogs by the way though.

    I really feel this was a season in my life that was needed and I met who I was supposed to meet and now I can move on from this with the friends I've met - and continue to read other's blogs but not worry so much about mine

    anyway - just wnated to share my thoughts! :)


    I really am just using the blog for me as well.

  3. Love the polka dots!

    I could have written this post! And you know what I decided! :0) Sometimes I wish I could still blog without worrying, but unless I made it private for family and a few friends, I just don't think I could do that. The comment thing always got to me and I know it shouldn't have. But I spent so much time leaving other people comments that when I didn't get but a couple on a post of my own, it made me worry about something I said or I wondered why people didn't like my blog. It was silly really, but that's what went through my mind and part of my decision to quit. I spent too much time just thinking about it and that took away from my family.

    But I am just like you in that I met friends through blogging....one in which I met in real life. If you can blog without it interfering with your life and it's fun for you, keep it up!

    And for the record, I enjoy reading your blog, even when I don't always leave a comment! I usually read my favorite blogs from my bloglines and only occasionally go to the actual blog and leave comments. But I read weekly!

    Jen in MS

  4. Hey Michelle!

    Please don't stop! But, do it for you, not us. I have certainly felt the same way many, many times. And I have been absent from blogging, especially lately, for LONG periods of time without really realizing it.

    I think I want to blog because I like to have a little journal of happenings. Sometimes I blog just to share things. I love to read other blogs so that I can get a glimpse into the lives of other women. I learn so much! I have also made so many friends - you among them :).

    I think you have the right mix. I love to see the photos you share and I love to read when you don't have photos. I think we put way more pressure on ourselves than other people do. You have something valuable to offer. You may just have less time to offer it some days.

    I want to see the rest of your house, too! I think I might take a cue from you and do a tour of mine this summer, but I need to finish a few projects first. Isn't there always something in the works? There always is for me.

    And why is it that we seem to look at comments? I do the same thing. Funny, huh?

  5. Did ya ever look at someones blog and see they have like 73 comments on a post, I have and was like wow that puts mine to shame haha! But I really enjoy your blog, you and Candy have become friends of mine!
    But I myself have really took a good look at the ones I read and have eliminated ones I just felt I was not getting anything from.......and I try and do posts almost as a journal. But like someone else said in their comment above you REALLY cannot comment and say sometimes how you truly feel about things or people or situations in your life for fear maybe someone may get hurt.....like say for instance I had a falling out or disagreement with my husband, or mother in law, or best friend......you really cannot ask your blogging friends for advice or to even *vent* about it if those particular people READ your blog.
    Your blog looks great by the way!

  6. Michelle:

    I visit your blog everyday. I don't always comment, but I enjoy hearing about your world....



  7. I've only visited your site a few times but I've enjoyed chatting with you...someone who has older children like I do.

    I just started blogging 2 months ago so I probably don't have any substantial advice to offer. I myself blog because it's something that I enjoy and possibly need at this time in my life. How long will I blog - who knows - but for now I enjoy it.

    I don't worry about what I will post or about the number of comments I receive. I'm writing for myself...but am also making friends along with way which is an added bonus. My daughter is away at college so this is a way for her to still feel connected to home as well.

    I'm sure you (and I) will know when it's time to stop blogging. For me, it will be when it feels like a burden, and not a labor of love.

  8. Michelle, I have felt just like this. I guess I'm blogging for four main reasons.

    1. I hope to be a blessing and glorify God with sharing my life.

    2. I truly would like to encourage young wives and mothers to be good ones, and to teach them things I've learned along the way.

    3. To meet wonderful new friends and be encouraged by them as well as I to them.

    4. To have a diary of my life, which I will enjoy reading when I am older and sharing with my children and grandchildren.

    I felt the same way about the commenting. I finally decided, I would do my best to visit each lady who commented on my blog. I realized that by the end of the day if I had 25 comments, that I'd find it hard to find the time to be genuine and truly interested. It takes a lot of energy.

    I decided I would be happy with what ever amount God gave me. I would do my best to write back to each lady. I usually get 5 or 6 comments, which is just great. I get many more on show and tell days, which is great too.

    I finally decided that my husband and children must come first, and that I could only spend about one hour a day blogging.

    I decided to go at a slower pace and post less often, and with things the Lord gives me to share, or just life as it happens for my diary.

    I like your honesty and openess. Hugs, Kathi

  9. Yes! I think "am I weird and being foolish for sharing so much of my personal life with the Whole Wide World?" Then I will get a sweet comment from a young mother telling me that I encouraged her and it all makes sense! I started blogging as a way to encourage other wives and mothers as well as to get encouraged and inspired myself and I really, really enjoy it! It has brought out a creative side to me and I am really likeing that. Sometimes I feel like I have too much to say, too many post ideas and then at other times get in a panic thinking I have absolutely nothing interesting to write about! But I pray about it and I feel like God leads me. I also feel like this is a diary of my life and I hope that I can permantely save it to show my grandchildren one day!

    Keep going! We love you!

    :0) Sharon


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