Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A New Blog Look and My Thanks...

I'd like to thank my very dear friend Candy for redesigning my blog look. Didn't she do a fabulous job? I'm so very pleased with the result :)

Candy has such a thoughtful, cheerful, giving attitude. She has always been so willing to help me out with all this computer stuff; let's just say I'm not exactly skilled in that area!

I'd encourage you to pop in over at Candy's blog for a visit. It's called "Candy's Home and Thoughts". I'm sure you won't be disappointed! Thanks again soooooo much, Candy...I appreciate you!

OK, first I'd like to say a thank you for your encouraging comments about my last post. At least I knew I wasn't crazy for having some of the feelings I do toward blogging! Another blogging friend & I have often said that in a lot of ways, blogging is very similar to middle school...with its cliques, popularity, etc. etc. I guess at times I've fallen into that trap about the whole comment thing - like I wonder how in the world some people get like over 100 comments or whatever. If you only get like 5 or 10, you start to wonder why and then you think you should be more witty or share this picture or that one. My personal opinion is that blogging can totally consume you if you allow it to, don't you agree?

Secondly, I hope I didn't come across as being whiny in my last post. That wasn't my heart. I suppose I was just airing some frustration about what comes with the territory of blogging. Or what I've learned about it in the few months I've been doing it - maybe that's what I should say.

At any rate, thanks again for your input. I could totally identify with each comment that was made.


  1. Hey, Michelle, I always enjoy it when you stop by & see me & your comments are very encouraging.

    Love your new blog look, it's very grown up & sophisticated, just like your new "do". Very pretty! You & your hubby do make a great looking couple.

    I totally understand the blog thing too! It can start feeling like a job. My blog has gotten very popular over the last year (why, I don't really know!) and I do enjoy all the people that stop by, but the more people that stop by, the more guilty you feel that you just don't have time to visit & keep up with all the blogs out there. That is the downside of blogging...time. Just not enough of it. So, I say just blog and enjoy the friends you make & if more people come by, great & if you get tired of it, then figure that out too. I don't know if I will blog forever (probably not), but as long as I still have fun things to talk about, I'll keep going too. I think we all look at other blogs that are bigger than ours & get a little jealous, so I think we all go through that somewhat. Just keep being your friendly self.


  2. You dont need to thank me Shell, seriously. I love making blog changes, its so fun. As you can tell by my blog, which I changed a zillion times LOL
    No, you did not come across as whiny at all in the last post. Its totally relatable. We all feel or felt that way at some point or another or even now.

    Love Candy

  3. Did you come across as whiny...that thought never entered by mind. You were just sharing your thoughts...which is the purpose of blogging.

    I love the look of your blog...I have often thought that I need someone to help jazz up mine. How nice to have a great friend to help you with it. I'm so technically challenged that I'm surprised I've gotten this far on my own (and my family is even more surprised!)

    Have a great day and talk to you soon!

  4. Nope I did not think you were whiny either, and I am sure all of us have had the same blogging thoughts as you, and yes it can get obsessive if you let it, the important thing is you recognize it when it does and then you don't let it consume you. You are doing a great job and I love visiting with you and Candy too!!!!!

  5. Oh Dear Blogging Buddy :o)
    Please please don't stop blogging. I know how you feel sometimes, and I believe that there are many times that we do need a break, then other times it's good to be able to write about what's on our minds or in our homes, maybe share some wisdom with others - even if they are "technically" strangers in another state. Heehee. All in all though, like you... what keeps bringing me back are the people like you, those Christian ladies who God has sent my way to lift me up and encourage me when those physically around me just are cutting it :o) ha!

    Oh, and about those people who have79 comments on each post! That would seriously make me bonkers... because I would feel like I had to personally visit each one of those blogs and comment as well. Talk about taking away from living life... whew!

    I love reading about your crafts and projects (still can't wait to see the rest of your house like the others said).


    Talk to you soon,

    PS: please don't take it personally if I don't comment on your blog for a day or two -- I'm working a lot more now, and I'm purposefully trying to limit my computer time (because it can be all consuming as you mentioned). Love you girl!


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