Monday, October 29, 2007

Do you remember your first job?

 Well, it's official...another member of our household recently joined the work force! Our son just started his first job working in the mall at Dairy Queen.

Like Tyler, I started working when I was 16 years old. At the mall. Just not at Dairy Queen (or any other food establishment). Nope, I worked at Marianne's, a clothing store. It was pretty fun. A good "first job" experience overall. I know I mentioned in a previous post how my job counted for school credit during my senior year. I really liked only having to be at school for just a few hours in the morning.

So, what was YOUR first job? Did you love it? Did you hate it? I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. My first job at age 16 was at the Bank of Mississippi in the credit card center. I entered payments, shredded paper, made copies, etc. It was a pretty easy job.....except that I got in trouble for bouncing checks in my personal checking account. I ended up getting an account across the street at another bank because if I bounced so many checks (can't remember the number now), I could have lost my job! I'm much better with money now! LOL

  2. Fun post, Michelle! My first job was at 16 years of age, too. I worked at our local drive-in theatre. I don't even think those exist anymore:o( Anyway, I worked on Friday and Saturday nights at the snack bar popping popcorn and making hot dogs. I got to work with my best friends and we loved it because we would always get to see who was dating who and also all of the cute guys from high school;o) giggling now! That lasted for two summers until my parents made me quit because they started showing "unsuitable" movies. I didn't like it at the time but now I COMPLETELY understand.

  3. Congratulations on the new job! I worked as a life guard at age 16, then sales girl, soda fountain clerk, and receptionist at a car dealership. All part time, and over the course of a year, as the jobs were available. I enjoyed working and meeting new people.

  4. As long as it doesn't conflict with the school work. . . working is good for kids. It teaches them that money is "hard earn" and doesn't just "grow on trees!"

  5. Yay for Tyler :)

    My first job was Blockbuster Video!!! So odd that, that is where I worked considering NOW I am not a fan of movies at all. Although I never was a fan of movies just happened that when I moved to Edmonton and needed a job, I applied everywhere and they were the first ones to call me back and guess who hired me.....ROB!!!! LOL Yep, He was the manager there at the was his first job since moving to Canada! So my first job (at age 18) was where and how I met my husband! :)
    Neither one of us stayed there long. I quit after like 6 months and Rob quite after a year. He got a really good job after that and I opened my own tanning salon until Rocko was born and been a stay at home mom and now full time home maker ever since (for the last 10 years! since age 22 Ive been at home...very blessed)
    Great post Michelle :)

  6. My first job was a waitress .My first big mistake I dumped a plate of spag. in a guys lap. I felt terrible ,he laughed it off.

    Hows your crafts comiing along?Great I hope .

  7. My first job was at Hallmark. It was so much fun, and I worked with a bunch of old ladies who just took me in like their granddaughter! We got new owners about 5 months after I started, so it went from "Jan's Hallmark" to "Noel's Hallmark." Although Wanda was the new owner of Noel's Hallmark, her husband bought the business for her and his name was Noel (pronounced "No'l"). Anyway, they were the sweetest. I remember that Noel was always very protective of me and another girl there (we were close to his daughter's age). If we ever worked late at night, he would come at closing to escort us out.

    Ok, so now that I've bored you :o)

    Hope you have a fantastic night!
    Congrats to your son on his new job!!

    oh, does that mean free ice cream for you?! heeheee


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