Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some Kitchen Projects...Revealed!

I'm baaaack...well, temporarily at least! My husband and I are going on vacation this coming week but I just wanted to share a few projects I got done in the kitchen, as well as the new wall color...dipped chocolate. (Mmmm hmmm, just as yummy looking on the walls as it sounds!) Just wait until I show you the before with its lovely orange walls. The after is like a 1,000% improvement!

There are 2 windows in the kitchen that let in lots and lots of natural sunlight so the room can handle the deep shade of brown. I love animal prints and found a really great sale on leopard decorator fabric at Hobby Lobby for only $2/yard. I decided to make a shade for each window and combine a few fabrics for the valances that I sewed. The other 2 fabrics were originally drapery panels that I decided to cut apart and use. Decorative black trim is glued along the shade edge.

I LOVE how the "E-A-T" letters turned out! Such a quick and easy project to do. The letters were found at Hob-Lob. For the silverware art project,I started with a frame I found at a garage sale years and years and years ago. Then I cut out squares of the coordinating fabrics, laid them out in a way pleasing to my eye and took a picture as a reference point so I'd remember once I got sewing. The silverware is out of the bin at Goodwill. I tied the bows on and hot-glued them right on to the fabric piece.

There are more projects in the kitchen that I do plan to share...but right now I'm pressed for time getting things ready to head out of town.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hey you! They turned out sooo great!!! I just saw them on my FB messages too! COOL!!!!

    I'll message you back soon...have a bad headache at the moment.

  2. WOW!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you did! Talk about creative... I think you did a great job!
    Thanks for sharing... that is so inspiring :)

  3. Great projects! You have a great blog! {thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!}
    Have a fantastic day!

  4. That paint color does sound yummy!
    My daughter has a dark brown on her walls and I get hungry every time I tuck her in at night, Ha! Enjoy your trip with your hubby~

  5. great projects! your very creative!

  6. Oh boy - Dipped Chocolate! How could you not love a paint color like that?? I admire you for going so dark. I would love a room a deep chocolatey color. I think it's so elegant. And love those EAT letters!

  7. Everything looks so beautiful. I love those "eat" letters. I want some in my kitchen!


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