Saturday, November 14, 2009


Wow...can't believe weeks have passed since my last post! I've been quite busy lately. Although not every detail is worked out yet, our family will more than likely be making a move to a neighboring town soon. Lots of purging, dumping, donating, organizing and packing going on around here! It means a school change for our daughters but they are quite excited :)

I was also picked for jury duty so I've had to call that jury hotline each far I haven't had to go! One more week to see if I actually have to be at the courthouse; then I'm done. What has your experience with jury duty been like?

Hope y'all have a super weekend! It is supposed to be sunny and unseasonably warm happy about that :)


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  2. Hi Michelle...

    Good to see you!!!

    You asked about our experience with Jury Duty...well, here's mine.

    Up until 2 years ago (around my 58th birthday), I'd never been called. But...after living in Michigan for only 2, I'm called. I thought that was kind of odd.

    I sincerely knew I couldn't be on jury duty...especially if it was domestic violence or child abuse, or actually just about any kind of case.

    First, I am a survivor of both domestic violence and child sexual abuse.

    Secondly, God has given me the gift of discernment and knowledge...and I was downright nervous about that. What if I was sitting on a jury and I KNEW that the person was guilty? I knew I couldn't say NOT GUILTY.

    So...I wrote a very short note to the Court Commissioner...just stating the facts about the gifts God has given me and they quickly fired back a reply...YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ON JURY DUTY, YOU ARE RELEASED.

    That's been my experience with Jury Duty!


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  4. I just went through this same thing in April! I called two weeks, then got tagged to go. I spent all day the first day waiting. And waiting.....then I was chosen next to last to serve. Bummer. BUT, it was the best thing for me, because it was soooo out of my comfort zone. And it really opened my eyes to the way laws are written, and why(!) people get off. The judge kept telling us to FOLLOW the law on the case. Unfortunately, he didn't get what he deserved.
    Glad yours is over. I don't go back on the jury "wheel" for two more years. I've been called twice, and it's getting Old!


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