Friday, July 24, 2009

A Delightful Day Trip

I had the opportunity to get out of town this week and spend a fun day away from the mundane and ordinary. Even though we were just gone for the day, we enjoyed a very nice time! My sister, two nephews & one of my nieces and her boyfriend met at our house to caravan to our destination. I had our two daughters and two of their friends in my vehicle. Four crazy teenage girls plus their favorite music equals a whole lotta laughter and fun! Man, we had a blast on the way there! See, we have this tradition of singing along to the radio or CD whenever we go somewhere...doesn't matter who can sing well or not...if ya know all the words or not...ah, none of that even counts. The point is that we're having F-U-N and making memories! The girls all crack up at me because I know most of the words to so many songs from the 80s :) (Hey, don't laugh...that was my era!)
Lake Huron in Michigan is beautiful! Cold, but beautiful!
My sweet sister did an outstanding job of packing a wonderful picnic lunch. (We both brought stuff but she really outdid herself!) These pesky guys kept trying to get our food! At one point, one of those buggers DID snatch up a snack size bag of chips from the boys! The chips scattered and so many of those seagulls were fighting for a taste :)
You can actually walk up into this lighthouse for a nominal fee. I opted to skip it this time. My sister took one of her boys while the rest of us stayed on the beach.
We drove to the Lumberman's Monument after a full day @ Lake Huron.

Ah, such crazy girls they are!

The kids and I were supposed to take an out-of-state trip this past week but it's on hold for now. Just temporarily getting out of town was nice, though.

Have any of you taken any cool vacations this summer or have you stuck pretty close to home?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Beautiful, and sounds like a great time. Like your door numbers. Jackie

  2. What a beautiful getaway!!! Glad you had fun!!!

  3. Hello Michelle,
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and your kindness. I really appreciate it. I believe we have met before and I'm so happy you came back by. You're always welcome!

    What a gorgeous vacation you went on! The photos are truly beautiful.

    I read your profile and can I just say that I admire your courage very much. May you have continued good health. I will pray for you.
    Have you met Lady Katherine?
    She is on my blogroll under "Lady Katherine's Tea Parlor" if you want to say Hello. She is a BC survivor and a true sweetheart.

    Have a wonderfully blessed weekend.
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

  4. Wow...those are beautiful pictures! Looks very relaxing and peaceful!

  5. Looks beautiful there!! We don't vacay much in summer, I don't care for the heat and bugs...
    Thank you for your sweet comments for my Mom's birthday picnic!!

  6. Oh boy did that ever look like fun! And that picture of the girls is very cute!

  7. Beautiful photos! It looks like you had a wonderful and fun day! We haven't done to much this summer, stayed close to home but we are plannin a trip to Oklahommmaa to visit family in August, should be fun!

    Thanks for stoppin by and seein me and leavin such sweet comments! Your wonderful! Have a Great weekend!

  8. Wow...what beautiful photos!!! It looks like you had a wonderful vacation!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous scenery! Sounds like a wonderful day (except the thieving birds)!


  10. Hi Michelle,
    Just stopping in to catch up on your summer. Looks like you've been very busy with family and activities.
    Thank you for your sweet words on our anniversary. And congratulations are in order for your "anniversary" too. It has been a long, tough year for you, but you've come through it just beautifully.
    Love and hugs,

  11. I love day trips like this that are fun and don't cost much money. Sounds like y'all had a great time! Girl, I am all about 80's music too. It is the BEST music ever, in my opinion!!!

  12. What a beautiful place! and I am slightly jealous of the cold water. What I wouldn't give for some cold water to dip my feet in right now! Can you say 95 degrees with 100% humidity? Yuck.


  13. That sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer day! How beautiful Lake Huron is. I miss living in Michigan sometimes, when I see beautiful pictures like these.


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