Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quiet Times...

Life has been pretty quiet and low-key lately, which is just fine with me :) As a result, I don't really have too much to blog about...

*Today was a "CHEMO DAY". Only THREE treatments left. WOO-HOO! My next appointment to see the oncologist will be on 2/16. My lymph node surgery will be scheduled for sometime in March. Radiation will follow.

*My hair is really starting to come in - YAY! Maybe I'll get brave and take a picture of it to post. At first it looked white or {GASP!} gray but now it's dark and looks almost like I have dirt on my head or something.

*It's snowing AGAIN. I am tired of snow, winter, bitterly cold days. Hurry soon, spring!

*Tess LOVES her new glasses. I've never even once had to remind the kid to wear them!

*A monthly book club for women is starting up at my church next week. I really enjoy reading so I'm looking forward to this!

What have all of you been up to?


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  2. I'm so glad Tess is wearing her glasses. All of my kids were so happy that they could actually see that I never had to remind them!

    I'm also thrilled that you are getting hair!!!! Brittony (son's girlfriend) has a little hair coming back, too. We're hoping it is curly like her old hair, but you just never know. Clarke's hair is darker and a little different in texture than his pre-chemo hair was.

    Brittony is currently going through her radiation. She is tired, but seems to be doing okay. I am giving her a 21st birthday party here on Saturday. It should be awesome - I will tell you all about it (really!) in an e-mail or hopefully, a letter.

    A book club? I've always wanted to do that. I am an avid reader and can read a really long book in just a couple of days. It is a great escape for me. I would love to be in a book club - I hope you have fun in yours.

    We are pretty much settling in from our little mini-vacation last week, which I still need to write about. And, we are trying to decorate for Valentine's Day and get ready for the party on Saturday. Other than that, we're trying to stay warm. Very cold and windy here, but no snow, much to our dismay. We would like some - not like yours, but enough to play in and be pretty. I love snow, but then again, I've lived down here all my life.

    Take good care of yourself. I will talk with you soon!

    Hugs & love,

  3. Michelle,
    How wonderful for you to join a book club. I have enjoyed them in the past. Write and tell us about the good books you read.
    I am so happy your hair is growing back. Yahoo! It is our crowning glory! We just do not feel quite right when it doesn’t look right:) Go ahead and hold yor head up high... You have earned the right to your fashion statement and might start a new trend:-)!

    You asked what is going on? I hardly ever complain... I am just sort of low today and my spirits are down... I wrote of book of complaints and thought about it while at the hospital for therapy and decided I should NEVER have left my woes on your sweet blog.
    So sorry about the annoying delete. The book is gone:)
    Michelle, you have done a wonderful job of staying up and I have appreciated it so much. Your attitude has been a blessing to me. I truly have come to care and think so much about you and your precious family.
    Tess's note / poem at the beginning of your cancer journey still causes my heart to melt. What a darling and insightful loving girl. Does she know that wearing glasses are also a great fashion statement? My son is an Optometrist and has people coming in to his office to buy glasses with clear glass lens. Lots of young people!!! It surprises me. I bet she looks great in them.
    Just know I care... about you and your family. I so want you to have great results with your treatments and enjoy each and every precious moment with them and your VERY future grandchildren coming your way:)
    Have a great week and Wahoo only three more treatments!

  4. Woo, Hoo on the hair news!!! Do you ever see Good Morning America with Robin Roberts? She had breast cancer and throughout her treatments she wore a wig. Finally, one day she said it was time to reveal and I thought her short haircut was even way cuter than her normal one:) Hang in there, it won't be long till you'll be sporting some pretty clips to put in your beautiful hair! Love you, Michelle, and yes, let's all THINK SPRING:)

  5. ((((Michelle))))

    I am tired of the cold, too! At first it was pretty, but now I am just over it...sigh. I can't believe you only have 3 left. You have come a long way! I wonder if your hair will come in differently now. I had a friend whose hair came in really curly when it wasn't curly before she had chemo! Also, I noticed that you were in Chicago in August 2008. So were we!! My brother lives there so we visit every summer. Isn't that crazy? I wonder if it was at the same time..small world.

  6. I just wanted to drop by and say hi to you, I am so glad that you are almost done with treatment and you are getting some hair, mine also started in gray then turned dark blonde people thought I had frosted my hair.Lol. Try pulling that through a cap.Lol.
    You take care and stop by to visit some time. I have a giveaway on my blog for One world One heart. Come see. Hugs to you. Deb

  7. I'll never say I am having a BAD hair day again.

    Mine is grown more..I've been bald all year between chemo and brain radiation..with just a bit for about one month..I'll relish hair
    and shampoo and conditioner!!

    Glad you're doing well.. Keep the faith..I know you have.


  8. Not a lot going on here either. Tired of all the snow and cold, it was snowing and blowing last night. Only 3 more chemos! Hurray!

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Hi Michelle,
    Glad to hear that you have 3 chemo visits left. My FIL has a few more chemo treatments and now he needs a pace maker..
    One day at a time:)
    Just wanted to say Hi and see how you are doing.. :)

  10. Hi Shell, I'm so happy it's almost over. I will continue visiting you even though I am not blogging anymore, other than to share photos with my parents and family. I will miss blogging, but I must do this right now. Hugs and prayers, Kathi


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