Monday, December 29, 2008

More Work...and a Birthday Wish!

Did everyone enjoy a nice Christmas? We visited with each side of the family and had a good time. (To be honest, I was in pain but it was still nice to see everyone.)

Well, now for the work of taking down all the Christmas decorations and putting everything away...ugh! Have you started? I haven't yet. I didn't put out as much this year. (Shoot, I was just thankful to even get the tree up, given the circumstances!)

How about shopping...anyone been hitting the after-Christmas sales? Not me. I've been sticking close to home.

Today is my sister's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LISA! I won't share how old she is but it's older than me! ha ha Hope you have a great day :)

We've had a houseful of kids at any given time during this past week since school got out for break. Our girls have had several friends over so the household has been quite lively...I've been enjoying all the activity :)

Happy Monday to all...enjoy a great week!


  1. I am glad your Christmas celebration went well with your extended family and hope they took good care of you.
    I miss the days our kids were home and their friends were there with the house bursting with their laughter. Talk about good medicine.
    Our decor is still up as I feel this is the time to just enjoy the lights and family. I did remove all the ski whompapas decorations our precious grandchildren kept arranging on the trees in the family room though:)
    I wish I hadn't put up so much:-)
    Kate even has two trees down stairs.
    There is always next week!
    I hope this week is a great one for you,

    YOU are in my prayers always!

  2. Isn't it great to have a houseful of kids. I know it can loud but it's nice knowing your kids and their friends want to be in your home.

    Glad you enjoyed your Christmas! Continuing to pray for ya.

  3. Don't feel bad, I still have all of my decorations out too. I'm putting away a little at a time so that it won't be so overwhelming.

    Sounds like your holiday was enjoyable but sorry to hear about the pain. I hope your not in pain all the time.

    Our Christmas was nice, just different. My son wasn't able to come home and then family didn't come visit due to bad weather. We made the best of it and enjoyed it just the same.

    Take care and have a wonderful week Michelle.

  4. Dear Michelle,

    I am happy that you had a nice Christms, but I am sorry to hear that you were in pain. I am so amazed that you even decorated like you said given the circumstances. I really pray that you will beat this cancer and be given the diagnosis of "Cancer Free" in 09!

    God bless you!


    P.S. Tell your sister Happy Birthday!

  5. I am just sooooo glad I found your blog tonight! Believe me, you are now on MY prayer list! We've been traveling the same road, girl! I, too, was diagnosed with breast cancer in July, and have just completed my chemo treatments. Yes, it was awful, and at times I thought I'd rather die than go through another one. But God saw me through, and I, too, am so thankful for all the praying, supportive friends holding me up here in blogland! Surgery is next Wednesday for me, then radiation and probably more chemo. I read your previous posts, and yes, life does switch to survival mode, and priorities all change when fighting for your life against breast cancer. And looking for some sort of normalcy in it all is so hard. But it sounds like Christmas was a good one for you in spite of it all, and I'm so happy for you for that!

    Please know that I'll be praying for you and checking in on you here very often!!!!!



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