Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Little Christmas Scrapbook

Just thought I'd share with you one of the Christmas gift projects I've recently been working on. This is a small 6x6 scrapbook I made to go along with the other part of the gift for my husband's boss & his wife. (*We already gave them the gifts and they really loved everything :)

I prefer to keep my pages pretty basic and simple looking when I'm making a smaller sized scrapbook. I add more things to the layouts when I'm working on the larger books but I've just found that I personally like a more tailored look for this size.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Michelle, you are so very talented. You have truly been gifted with wonderful creativity, dear friend!

  2. Me again! This is probably a stupid question but I'll go ahead and ask anyway. (Scrapbook experts please forgive me!) I love how you get that antique look on your little sayings ~ it almost looks like you have burned the edges of the paper. Is that how you do it? I know things are crazy with your life right now, but I know there must be other "non scrabookers" out in blogland like me that would love a "scrapbooking for dummies" tutorial. Maybe in the New Year when you are feeling better. No pressure;) Hugs, Susan

  3. Okay, I PROMISE this is the last comment from me! lol Do you type the different sayings on your computer? If not, how do you get them to look like that?

  4. Hi Susan ~ Thanks for the nice compliment! I just actually used a sticker sheet from Hobby Lobby; they cost $1.99 (regular price) but often go on sale 50% off. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Michelle,
    You did a great job!What a Lovely gift!
    Hope you're doing good and having a great wk.end!

  6. Your scrapbook is beautiful! I am trying to learn the fine art of doing that. I did just buy some paper that is sort of layed out with places to put pictures, so I'm hoping that will get me started.

    Also, that dessert in your last post looks awesome! I think I will try that one on Christmas Eve.

    I haven't forgotten about your letter - I will respond soon. I've just had the Christmas blues and haven't been accomplishing much more than I absolutely have to.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for coming over and I believe that you will have "big hair" before you know it. I am so sorry to read about you having breast cancer. I said a prayer for you after reading your past post. One of my friends is a 3 year survivor:)
    I like you scrapbook idea. I have made a few scrapbooks for my Granddaughter and I love to make cards:)
    The recipe sounds yummy...
    I'll be keeping in touch and lifting you up in prayer.
    God Bless and
    Merry Christmas.

  8. Thanks for all your prayers!!!! And I do not have to tell you how much I love your scrapbooks!!! I am tellin ya Etsy is calling your name!!!! I will be the first to buy one!!!! It could be like a hands on tutorial for me!!lol
    I have the one you made for me on my dresser, with *our* picture on the page that says Celelebrate Life!! it is one of my favorite things I have ever received!


  9. They are beautiful pages and a gorgeous book for of love and memories they will cherish forever.

    It truly is a lovely gift:)

  10. Really pretty scrapbook, I have not done any scrapbooking but enjoy looking at how artistic the are!

    So glad you are doing well, I had to go back and read your older posts to catch up on what you have been up to, I have just not been able to do much except what is most important, (like not falling down from being tired, things like that...), I am so happy to be getting back to normal now!

    Hope your week is starting out blessed and happy.
    Donna Lynn
    PS Pop over and see the snow angel...

  11. You did a terrific job on this scrapbook!! How beautiful!


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