Friday, October 24, 2008

It Was Time...

Tess & I went to her cheerleading banquet last night, then came home to have our own party of sorts...THE HEAD SHAVING PARTY! I decided yesterday was THE day to do it. Handfuls of hair came out in the shower and I just KNEW there wasn't any way I could continue to deal with THAT until all the hair fell out. NO WAY!!! In an effort to make it less traumatic and still feel somewhat in control of what is happening to me, I decided to make it a FUN thing. Who says there are any rules to this kind of thing anyhow? So, we got the clippers out. Bobby, the girls & I all gathered in the kitchen and got started on the task.
I was sad, no doubt about it - but I didn't cry...

In fact, I was actually laughing before too long!
Tess got in on the action, too. She was so afraid she was going to hurt my head.

Taylor and Tess were right there with me all the way. (Tyler wasn't home.) I have such a supportive family!
Notice Bobby's shirt? It says 'REAL MEN WEAR PINK'. Now, THAT is love...any man who will shave his wife's head, don't you agree?

So how do ya like my MOHAWK?! No 'fauxhawk' was the real deal! Tess put lots of gel on it!!!
I was just being real silly! Sometimes you can't do anything but laugh, ya know...
They were gonna finish up shaving my head with shaving cream & a razor...I was cracking up! Bobby decided not to 'cause he didn't want to cut my head. He was pretty nervous. See my *PINK* t-shirt? They were selling these t-shirts at Taylor's school so she got one for each of us.
Wow, my hair sure had gotten dark with LOTS of gray in the last month...we were surprised at that! I usually had it colored with highlights and a few lowlights thrown in.

I went shopping yesterday and bought some new bandannas and earrings. Today I'm going to buy a few caps, maybe some hats. Still haven't decided about wearing a wig all the time or just some of the time. Who knows?

Believe it or not, I'm not sitting here crying or anything. Not feeling this great loss about my hair. I guess because I KNOW this is just one more step of the journey and it's NOT a forever thing. I'll be fine. It is what it is and there's no use moping around or acting sad all the time. No way, I've got lots of living to do!!!


  1. You are one brave gal! Thsnk the Lord for a loving & supportive family. I'll be saying prayers for you. Try to keep smiling, Take care, DebraK

  2. Oh I just love you! Of course before I even started reading... I started crying, but by the end ~ I was laughing. Your courage is incredible. Keep the faith, God is in control of each and every circumstance of our lives. And yes, you will be fine :o) and have tons of living to do!

    (forgive me for not responding to your email yet... this week has been nuts!)

  3. Michelle, I love you so much. You are an amazing lady and I am in awe of how you are handling all of this. Of course, I know you must have lots of times when you are angry and sad, but throughout it all your sweet spirit has remained.I am so happy you are blessed with such a supportive family. I was thinking we all need a "Bobby" in our life, to make us laugh when all we want to do is cry. He can wear pink every day ~ he is represents what a true man is! You are beautiful with or without hair, sweetie!

  4. Go Michelle Go! You're so strong and positive, keep it up!

  5. Oh boy, Michelle. You never cease to amaze me. Through everything you've had to experience, your strength and stamina and faith in God has come through loud and clear.

    Once again...with your hair and Mohawk!! and your family have again done it!!!


  6. Michelle,
    Congratulations! You totally rock! So does your precious family. I am glad it was turned into a family party you won't ever forget & for the fun bonding which took place. You have a beautiful shaped head and I loved the mohawk!!!!!LOL So cute and I bet the girls couldn't stop laughing!
    I didn't mean to come on so strong
    sweetie when answering your question. I was hoping you could keep your hair for along as you could.
    I had no idea your hair was so short already and the blond was gone!!!lol Go beautiful lady and stay strong!

  7. God Bless you Michelle. You are one brave girl, taking the bull by the horns and staying in control. You are my hero and an inspiration to us all!!

    Keeping you and your family in prayer.



  8. Good for you for taking control and not letting cancer control you.

    I have to say you are so beautiful that even without hair you still look darling! You don't need a wig at all.

    Some people do but you have such a pretty face that you don't need hair to make you look good. You are one hot mamma already!


  9. Way to go, I knew you would know when. It feels so good to just have that over now, on to bigger and better things. Im proud of you. Big Hugs Deb

  10. Look at you..bringing mohawks back into vogue! I am glad the girls and Bobby were there with you...what a bonding moment! Have a good weekend, sweetie!

    Love, Angie

  11. Hi Michelle ~ you go girl! I am so glad your family was there for you. And I'm so glad you were laughing and's so good to see that!

    Love ya!


  12. Wow, ok...I now see you cut your hair off!!! Let me tell you about the joys of wearing a wig! You can get ready to go anywhere sooooo quickly! You eventually will forget when you don't have it on and will start to go out bald! And it grows back really will amaze you!
    I see you are unsure of a wig. I always wore one...but believe you me, I needed hair...I was not looking very good in a scarf.
    Have fun with it...and it can have its fun time.
    Life is difficult but wonderful...I LOVE life.
    BTW I am visiting my home state of Michigan right now. I am staying in the Canton area, but am going back to HOT AZ soon!

  13. Hi Michelle:
    I came over from someone else's blog page. I have been reading your blogs so long (for at least an hour and a half) that I forgot where I was...I went all the way back on yours to where your son Tyler had his car accident. I am just captivated by your strength for all you and your family have gone through.
    You were asking what would everyone else do about shaving your hair off...I would do exactly what you did. There are some days I threaten to do it, when I am having a bad hair day. lol.
    You are beautiful, with or without hair.
    I will be thinking about you, and will come back again to visit you..hang in there.

  14. Oh Sweetie, thank you for sharing, you are the bravest solider, and including your family was so cool, they needed to feel your pain and be part of your healing! Very Cool! You are amazing! Keep smiling you look great! Loving arms around you and lots of Prayers my friend! Diana

  15. Seeing you smiling was wonderful! What a great family you have! Just think of all the hat style possibilities! You should take your camera to the store and take pics of you, in the mirror, trying on hats!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Hi Michelle :)
    Its me Candy :) haha Finally getting around to commenting on everyones blogs this weekend.
    Thank you for the comments this morning.
    I love that you shared these photos. You truly look beautiful in these pictures. You dont even need hair because you look so great! Your face and eyes stand out and are gorgeous!
    I am proud of you for shaving it off now.
    When your hair grows back, you should try being a brunette because your eyes look so amazing, just like your girls, sooooo pretty :)
    I like your pink top too :)

  17. Hi. I am also a fellow blogger and I guess you could say a new found sister. I too have pics and a video of me getting my head shaved too by my daughters. It was really a monumental moment. I was so glad I did it (Easter night). No more itching, pulling hair out of my food, etc... It has been 6 months now and my hair is somewhat back now (a short short Halle Berre style now). I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Orlando FL

  18. Oh Michelle, What a darling person you are!! This was such a cute post. You are such an inspiration. I love the way you and your loving supportive family made it fun. You are sweet as can be.

    I got your card and note in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much for you kind words. You are an amazing woman. You give me hope. You cause me to want to choose joy. Bless you dear one. Love, Kathi

  19. Hey Michelle,
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us!! It actually takes some of the fear out of it for many of us will face this at some time in our lives. You are just precious and you look beatiful, with and without hair! LOL Your attitude has been great! I did the Race for the Cure yesterday.....very empowering! I hung my breast check reminder in the shower today and actually did my exam!

    Anyway, I'm thinking and praying for you!

    Have a blessed week!

  20. Michelle,
    You are an Amazing Woman...You have a wonderful attitudes about life...My prayers are with you and your family....Keep staying strong..."I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen me." Phil. 4:13 You have a wonderful day...Katherinellen

  21. Hi Michelle,
    So wonderful ,Your Famliy suport is such a Blessing!
    You Inspire me!:o)
    Hope you have a great week!

  22. Thinking of you! Hope your well! XOXOXO Diana Lyn :o)

  23. MIchelle, you are amazing! How you turned this sad moment into a fun moment with your family. You did it just perfect. It is so neat to see the love and support of your family. I bet you look terrific. I loved the picture of the mohawk! Too funny!

    I pray for you.


  24. You are such an inspiration and are touching so many lives by sharing this. Thank you and God Bless!!

  25. Michelle, you are the most beautiful person. I love you to pieces. What a beautiful, loving, supportive family. You are ALL such an inspiration. I think you are absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Love you,

  26. What an inspiration you are! This post touched me beyond words and brought tears to my eyes! Sounds like you've been a real trooper through this journey. I will start praying for you Michelle. God bless you and your beautiful family!


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