Sunday, October 5, 2008

Homecoming and the 'Big Reveal'

Our daughter, Tess, is the one in the front of the picture. She makes such a cute cheerleader; I LOVE watching her facial expressions when she cheers! Tess is very animated. I did not go to the Homecoming parade on Friday night; Tess walked in it with the rest of the cheer squad and threw out candy. It was pretty chilly out so I decided to just stay home. Afterwards, Tess went to the Homecoming football game with her friends (my husband went, too - but the girls didn't hang out with him LOL). We live so close to the school now - you can see the field and hear the game going on.
They won, they won!!! It was the 7th grade boy's football team's first win of the season on Saturday afternoon...yay for them! Tess sat out for a little bit after she got stung by a bee, but she was able to participate in their special 'half time' dance routine. The girls did such a good job!
Tess is one of the back spotters when they do stunts.
Our cute lil daughter, Taylor. (Can't believe she's already 15 years old!) Taylor ended up going to get her hair done at the salon on Saturday morning. I think they did a good job :)
Taylor and her Homecoming date...Just the two of them went for dinner @ Damon's Grill, then hung out at our house watching TV until the dance actually started @ 9 PM. If you click on the picture, you can see the boutonniere I made for her date. It turned out just fine :) (It took me longer to stand in line @ Hobby Lobby to pay for the boutonniere pins than it did to actually make it!)
Taylor and me, Homecoming night...
As you know, I used to have the hairstyle pictured above...I'm not gonna lie; I really liked my hair that way. But I decided to go ahead with the 'pre-losin'-all-my-hair-from-chemo' haircut. Somehow taking that step ahead of time makes you feel like you have taken at least a little bit of control back from the cancer - if that makes any sense.

I used to wear my hair this short in this same style for many years. This is what I looked like when my husband & I first met, got married and started having kids. So actually it hasn't taken me too long to get used to short hair again. When I look in the mirror, I just see the 'old me', plus more wrinkles :) (Hey, at least I don't have big 'Dumbo' ears!)

Remember how I mentioned I thought I might cry when I got all that hair cut off? I didn't. I just sat there watching quite calmly. My attitude at this point is...'it's only hair and it will grow back'.

Happy Sunday to all!!!


  1. Michelle, you are so beautiful! I love your new hairstyle and I think it accents your beautiful blue eyes even more:) I also wanted to tell you that I can see your love for Jesus shining through your face!

  2. Michelle...I think the haircut is AWESOME!!! You look wonderful in short hair.

    I like Taylor and Tess...and their special "looks".


  3. Wrinkles????? what are ya talkin' about!!??? you look exactly like you did back in the day! WOW! This haircit looks awesome ....but then again anything would look awesome on you.....And the shorter length I think will be a good idea too. And Tess looks like a little cheering princess out there!!! And Taylor looks gorgeous!!! You guys all got those smokin' eyes!!! You did a fab job on the flower for him, you are such a pro at stuff like that, it is so natural for you. I am so glad you took pictures!!! Have a great Sunday evening!!!


  4. WOW! You look absolutely fantabulous, chickie!! I don't know how you managed to go and look even more beautiful..but ya did. And, the girls look so much like you....almost like you are related or somethin..hehe. It looks like it was a nice homecoming now let's gear up for wednesday...right behind you all the way...

    Love, Angie

  5. Hi Michelle,
    You girls are as Beautiful as You!
    Ya'll have beautiful eyes!
    You did a great job with the flower's.
    I like your new hair cut!
    I love your Attitude "it's only hair and it Will Grow back!"
    Hope you have a great wk.
    Hope ya'll are enjoying living in your new place:o)

  6. Your girls are so lovely..glad you got to hear the noise, and it is BEST to take care of you, your body needs to be pampered

    I love your hair do..tis gorgeous and I didn't cry either.. It was like now I'm fighting ..

    I don't think I'm gonna cry about losing my hair a second time..It started yesterday..

    Love your spirit...

  7. Wow you are so beautiful!! I'm sure it a step you'd rather not have to take but you have done it with such grace.

    Your kids look terrific as well. Looks like they're enjoying life.

    Praying and praying some more.
    Love ya,

  8. Your new haircut looks adorable...just like you are! I don't blame you for taking control as I probably would have done the same thing...good for you!

  9. You look BEAUTIFUL with your new haircut!!!

    I really admire your strength and courage. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

    Your daughter looks beautiful too by the way:)

  10. Hi, Michelle, thanks for coming by to see me. I haven't checked in with you in awhile & I'm so sorry for all you are going through right now. I can see your faith carrying you along in your posts, so glad to hear things are looking better. And you are beautiful with short OR long hair!

  11. Dearest Michelle,
    I have been joining you in prayer for your Tyler when I pray for my Tyler, which by the way still needs to be soaked in prayer too! And I just know, that our mothers prayers will not come back empty from the Father! God knows what they need, and I believe they will both turn their hearts back to him soon!

    I am so happy that your tests came back with happy results, keep your chin up and eyes on the prize, (being all done!!!!), and remember each and everyone of us are sending up powerful prayers for your healing!

    Donna Lynn

  12. Michelle, You are gorgeous! I see no wrinkles either. You are very wise to, like you said, take back some of the control. You are so pretty, in any hair style.

    Tess and Taylor are both such beautiful girls. It's wonderful that they are getting to do these fun things. I'm praying for you. Hugs, Kathi

  13. Cute hair Michelle!!! Your daughter's are adorable! What a great weekend!!!

    Have a great Monday too!

  14. All the homecoming festivities looked so fun! You did a great job on his boutonniere!!

    I like your new haircute! It is really cute.

    Praise the LORD for all your great news you got last week!

  15. I love your new are beautiful! I also love the dress that your daughter wore to her homecoming. So pretty!

  16. Michelle, your new hair cut is absolutely adorable!!! Very becoming on you.



  17. Beautiful, I love it! You look great, I hope that the journeling you do on your blog is helping you! I kept a journal while I was going through treatment,it did help me stay focused! I am thinking about you every minute of the day sending you love and hugs you are way ahead of the game by being SO Positive, thata girl!!!
    Tess is so beautiful also and so glad her high school year has not been too affected by the move! The Lord has blessed you !! Big hugsXO Diana L.

  18. Hi Michelle,
    I just found your blog on Deenas blog and thought that I would come by and say hi. My name is Deb and I am a ten year survivor of ovarian cancer this year. YEA!
    Cancer stinks, chemo stinks! But God is good and he will lead you through. You are beautiful, you have a beautiful family and I can tell a lot of love and support, all the makings of a survivor. You have a scary road to go down, the unknown is always a little scary, but you will be ok, think positive, surround yourself with positive people and (fight like a girl). I seen that on a t-shirt this weekend and loved it… You will be in my prayers, And I will pray for your son.. Big Hugs For Now.. Deb

  19. Michelle,

    This is my first time visiting your blog. I think we might be long lost I love morning glories, lilacs, thrifting and yard sales. I don't like coke in plastic cups either! I wanted to tell you that your picture with your hair cut short is so pretty. It shows off your face, with longer hair,you can't see it as well. I am praying for you...

  20. I think it looks great! You are beautiful!

    I just found you from Kim's Treasures, we were talking about blogging moms in Michigan, so she gave me your link.

    I will keep you in my thoughts through this chemo...

    Take good care,


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