Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good News All Around!

My appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday went very well. (That is, once I finally got in to see him after a TWO HOUR wait!) My reconstruction (expanders behind the chest wall) is healing up exactly the way it's supposed to and I'm right on schedule for the next part of the process. This afternoon is when I meet with the oncologist to get all the chemotherapy treatment plans in place. My heart is very thankful for each and every day. I am feeling better and better and better with each passing day! I'm careful not to physically overdo it since I don't want to take steps backward in the healing process :)

My MIL (Sandy) successfully picked up those films of her heart from the hospital and dropped them off to her doctor's office. That way the doctor will have plenty of time to review them before Sandy's upcoming appointment on Monday; she'll have her answer about the trip then.

I found out we'll get the keys to the new place a week from tomorrow (next Friday) so that will be a very good thing. My sweet sister is coming back over this Saturday to get down to the business of doing some serious packing. Boy, all I can say is I'm sooooo thankful for all her help...couldn't do this without her! (Thanks, Lisa :)

Besides packing and getting ready to move, I've been doing a lot of thinking about chemotherapy and losing my hair (and possibly my eyebrows). I try not to dwell on that but it's been on my mind. Now, I'm not an overly vain person or anything - but the thought of being bald or even having really thin hair makes me quite upset. Part of my attitude is 'Oh well, just gotta deal with it' and the other part is 'HOW am I going to deal with that?' I've always enjoyed very thick, nice, easy-to-manage hair and well, I'm just not ready to part with it. I happen to really like my current hair style! Oh, I know it will grow back and there are options in the meantime...human-hair wigs (which I'm planning to get), do-rags or bandanas, caps...but thinking about all that stuff reduces me to tears right now. I looked at a picture of a lady wearing a bandana in some of the American Cancer Society literature from the hospital the other night and I got so bummed out. I was like, 'Wow, that's going to be MY reality soon'. I DO NOT want to look like some bald freak! Is anyone else out there who has gone through the same thing and feel like I do???


  1. I enjoyed scrolling through your blog and reading a little bit of your story. You are an inspiration! I can't imagine what you and your family are going through but I will definitely say a prayer for you. God is good.

  2. Oh Michelle, I wish I could say or do something to HELP!! I CAN pray and we DO!!

    This is what CORA ( ) had to say about her hair loss...(I would imagine everyone has a different reaction)

    "My hair is falling out by the handfuls. But you'd hardly know it because I had the thickest, fullest head of hair anyways. My sister hates the fact that I have to lose my hair. She said it's just the added "insult upon injury" to have to have cancer, go through all this horrible treatment, and then have to display to all the world a bald head, announcing in the ugliest way that you have cancer. I am prepared with my hats, though, and think they look pretty neat, even if I have to say so myself. The "nice" effect of the chemo (if there can be such a thing!)? No more facial hair, and some little "wart" looking things fell off my forehead! My face feels like baby skin, all nice and smooth! Not sure if I'll lose my eyebrows. I've never been good at drawing those on. One always looks different from the other. I may have to hire help with that one!"


  3. Hi Michelle,
    My heart goes out to you.
    I know the pain of looking in the mirror and being bald .(I am not now) I must say Wigs are Hot!
    Bald Men are aceppted ,women are not.
    So happy to hear things are turning around for ya'll.Hows Bobby doing from his surgery?

  4. I have no words of wisdom or encouragement from my own experience just from many close to me. First of all, I am so glad you are expressing about your feelings about losing your hair - you're right it will grow back but in the meantime, it stinks!! My last friend that went through chemo got her cut shorter before she started just so that it would not be so drastic for her. I know I am no help really, so just know that I am praying for you.

    Love to you,

  5. Michelle, I love your honesty. I'm so sorry you must face going bald as well as the many other things you've had to go through. I know I would be the same way if it were me. You are so sweet and precious. I will pray for you to get through this. I hope you can find a perfect wig; one which isn't easily noticed as a wig. Bless you sweetie. Kathi

  6. Wow, amazing story about Jason, I will also pray for him!

  7. Michelle,
    I am so glad the extenders are working and soon you will look better than normal!
    I can't relate totally but semi about the hair thing. After breaking my back and going through 12 hours of intense surgery to repair all the nerves etc. My body went into shock and I lost more than 1/2 my hair. I haven't got it back yet and have wondered if I will. I have actually mourned my hair loss. It has been hard because I am a stylist and have always enjoyed like you a great thick head of hair. I have an extemely hard styling it. ;/ I am just thankful I can move.
    When working in ths Salon, I noticed women who went through Chemo had Wonderful hair when theirs grew in again. Some noticed more body than even before.:)
    They do have beautiful looking wigs that you will be able to find in your beautiful current style. As for the eyebrows, Maybelline has a great eyebrow powder that is put on by brush. I have used this product for years. Hopefully this will help you,
    I think about you daily and I am sending lots of prayers and good wishes, and give Lisa a big hug for me!

  8. Michelle,

    I stopped on over here to say 'thank you' for visiting my blog...then I started reading your posts...I don't blame you for being angry about losing your certainly have every right to get angry. I have several friends who have gone through chemo...and while it was not something that was did save their lives...and for that, I am eternally grateful. I can sense how tough your spirit is...that sense of humor will take you far...and really..let's be honest...bald is pretty hot..look at mr.clean...daddy warbucks...that guy from the deal or no deal show...fester from adddams family...I know..pretty hot, right? ;) if you need hop on over and let me know...I sincerely mean that..


  9. Um. bald freak here, now just a really short hair freak..I lost all my body hair..all of it , everywhere..but's cool not to
    have to shave your legs daily..
    Get a wig girl..for the special things..but I found bald or hats were most comfortable for me..
    love and hugs..Deena the Bald Freak

  10. Um. bald freak here, now just a really short hair freak..I lost all my body hair..all of it , everywhere..but's cool not to
    have to shave your legs daily..
    Get a wig girl..for the special things..but I found bald or hats were most comfortable for me..
    love and hugs..Deena the Bald Freak

  11. Oh Michelle...I wish I could say or do something that would help you. I guess if it were me, I would opt for the wigs too...then when you're home, you could go without them. I wish they had something else besides chemo that could kill the cancer.

    Just know that you can always vent in blogland...we're here to listen. I'm still praying that everything goes well with the move. Hoping that Bobby is feeling better too!

    Hugz girlfriend,

  12. Hi Sweet Michelle! I am so happy to come over and read some good news!! Oh how you deserve it!

    You definitely have the right to be sad, and upset about losing your hair!! But you are such a beautiful person. They make such nice wigs now and you will find the perfect one :)

    Love you and I am sending lots of hugs and prayers,

  13. Hello there....I have never been here...but in reading through your blog..I just wanted to say what an inspiration you are! To share your trials etc. I will keep you and yours in my prayers. cherry

  14. First of all....praise the Lord for all your good news! He is so good and He is in control.

    Secondly. I am sorry you are going through anxiety about your probable hair loss. I would like to encourage you to not feel badly. I have never had to go through anything like this, but from a person looking from the outside at you, if I saw you with no hair or thinning hair or with a bandanna on, I would not feel pitty or want to laugh at you. I would reaize you are a woman going through one of the biggest trials of your life and these are your war wounds. It is almost like, show it proudly! Also, my first response would be to pray for you. I hope that when the day comes that this happens that you will be empowered and all your fears will be gone.

    Bless you Michelle!


  15. Hello Friend, Thank the Lord you Prayed, I have had those moments, especially as my Son has been to Iraq and Afghanastan 4 times! I do the praying also!Thank goodness they are ok!
    Now for your NO-HAIR issue, you know I have been through it girl! MY sister,, bless her heart made me go try on wigs, but I hated them, they didn't look like Me! All I could do is laugh, the lady got so mad at me! But I didn't feel natural, I said, everyone is going to look at me and say she is wearing a wig! Sooooooooooooo I decided to go all Natural, I went on a shopping spree..... to the Posh stores, I figured I would have spent a ton of money on a wig so I bought BEAUTIFUL long Scarves and played around with them tying them in Fancy knots on the side and back, I slapped on my nice makeup and earrings Ta-Da, people were'nt afraid to look at me. I looked darn good, if i do say so myself! I learned alot of how tough and strong I am going through that. I actually taught a class at the Hospital to other Cancer ladies on how to do makeup and the scarves! I am just very positive. Look at my pic. on my blog how thick my hair came back and BODY...girl, do I have body! my advice! Start shopping! Make sure if you get a wig that your insurance pays for it, Mine did not! But I got them to change that, I said oh sure you will pay for me to loose my hair but not for a wig! Cheeky! By the way! I never said I had Cancer after my surgery! It is GONE! I am a SURVIVOR! XO Diana


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