Monday, August 25, 2008

My Birthday Boy

Bobby holding Baby Tyler the night he was born - Saturday, August 24, 1991. Can't believe how young Bobby looks! This picture reminds me of the 'Lion King' movie when Simba's dad holds him up! LOL
Tyler and me...October 1992. I sewed him that adorable little clown costume. His name was on the front collar. Seems like it was just yesterday...where does the time go?
Tyler and Taylor, circa 1993. He was a little over 2 years old and she was about 4 or 5 months. Tyler has always had a very outgoing, vibrant personality. When he was about 3 or 4 years old, a lady at church complimented him on his blue eyes - to which Tyler replied as he blinked rather dramatically, 'Well, thank you - they're ocean blue!' He ran away from the school on his last day of kindergarten. I'm serious! Tyler felt like a lady helping out at the school field day was being mean to him so he decided to come home (we lived very close to the school and he knew the way to our house).
Here's Tyler on the first day of his 3rd grade school year. Aw, wasn't he so cute?! It's really hard to believe he's going to be starting his senior year next week.
Tyler loves music. He's a quite a musician and plays lead guitar in a band. The guys just released a CD this summer and play a lot of gigs around the area. I have to be honest and admit I'm not a big fan of their music style (metal) but that's all right :) Tyler writes a lot of the music for the band.

One of the things I love about Tyler (besides his great sense of humor) is that he's a very industrious young man. Ty's got a strong work ethic and boy, does he ever move quickly on the job. I had an opportunity to see that in action the other day when we were there for lunch after Bobby's surgery.

Happy 17th, Ty Ty! We all love you very much!


  1. How sweet. Memories are what get us through the tough times and put smiles on our faces...and warm our hearts.

    ~Blessings & Prayers...


  2. Hey Tyler Rock On!! Have an awesome birthday....Your Mom loves you soooooooo much!!!!!


  3. Happy Birthday Tyler!! I've been away Michelle, for the weekend. I'm soooo glad Bobby is out of the hospital. He needs to be there for you tomorrow. Please know that I am praying so much..and will be there in spirit with you!

    Hugz...and please have one of the kids or Bobby leave us a post telling us that everything went terrific!


  4. Michelle,
    What a wonderful post for your awesome son. I hope he reads it and enjoys it. Memories and pictures are such wonderful treasures to have and share.
    Hope his birthday is wonderful and each of you can feel peace that all will go well tomorrow.
    Thanks for stopping by our place and saying Hi! Again know you are in our thoughts and prayers,
    Lots of Hugs, Beth

  5. Happy, happy birthday Tyler!!! What a cutie...hehe...I'm sure he'll love to hear that!

    Praying for you tomorrow Michelle! Lots of love and hugs!

  6. oh my Shell! The time has gotten away from me this past week. I'm so glad to read that Bobby is ok and doing well. Even though I didn't know about this, I was praying for your entire family while I was MIA.

    I hope you are good, not going to crazy with anxiety and such.
    Love you girl!

  7. Happy Birthday to your son.

  8. What a beautiful Post about your Ty. Happy Birthday to him! XO Diana L.


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