Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just an update.

My mom will be coming home today around 4 or 5! She is still in some pain but she's doing just fine. She got after me today because i took SOOOO long to update this. but there you go 8)


  1. Taylor/Tyler?
    Thank You for updating about your mom. Each of you have been in our thoughts and prayers. We are so glad she is doing okay and hope the pain will keep getting better.
    I love Heavenly Father and Knows he knows what each of us needs, whether to be comfortered when worried about someone else or healed when sick or what ever. we jsut need to stay close to him.

    Love to your Mom and family!
    Lots of Hugs,

  2. I know your Mom will be sooo glad to be back home with her family!! I pray that your Mom's pain will lessen day by day and that she will have complete healing. Please give her my love and tell her I'm thinking about and praying for her.
    Blessings to all,
    Susan P.

  3. Oh, sweetie, Thank You~!~

    We've all been praying for your mom and the entire family.

    Hugs to (((((EVERYONE)))))!!


  4. Sooooo appreciative for the update!! keeping you all in thought and in prayer, and your updates are awesome! you are doing a fantastic job! And if she got after you today for something I bet she will be in full swing in a couple days!!!! she is a strong chick! love and hugs to you guys!


  5. Thanks Taylor/Tyler...for the update! Your mom is a strong woman and I know we've all been praying for her and your whole family.


  6. Hi,
    THanks for the update!;o)
    Tell your Mom Lib said hi and hope she does well!
    Ya'll are in my prayers!
    Love,Hugs, and Blessins',Lib

  7. Thanks for the update.


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