Sunday, August 24, 2008

An Awesome Report!

Oh, I'm so happy to report that everything went exceptionally well with Bobby's surgery! He is doing quite well and resting comfortably now. The doctor was able to perform the surgery laposcopically with just a very small additional incision. THAT was a miracle because they honestly didn't think it would be the safest way to do it, due to Bobby's past surgeries. You can't even imagine my relief right now; I'm so, so thankful Bobby is fine :) He is not expected to be released until tomorrow but Bobby is just itchin' to get outta there and hopes he can come home today. I know he's getting back to feeling like himself again because he's teasing the nurses and acting silly!

Both sides of our families were very supportive and offered to make the 1 hour drive to where we live so they could be at the hospital with me or help out in any other way they could. That was so nice and I appreciated it. As it turned out, my cousin Tammy & Bobby's aunt & uncle came to the hospital. Bobby's mom & step-dad were quite a distance out of town but we kept in close touch on the phone. (His dad is deceased.) After the doctor came out to the surgical waiting room to tell us how the surgery went and we knew Bobby was in recovery, we all decided to leave the hospital for lunch.

So, here's a funny little story about that...The Chinese restaurant where Tyler works is not more than 5 minutes away from the hospital and Tyler was working a double shift so we decided to go there to eat. They have a great buffet there. Tyler's job responsibilities include everything from bussing tables to refilling food on the buffet. Sometimes he's a host - just depends on the day.

Tyler was at the buffet replenishing one of the trays when we were walking to our table. (Now, I have to remind you that Tyler looks WAY more like Bobby than he does me so sometimes people don't always know we are mother & son.) So, as we passed by Tyler, I reached out and touched his back - you know, a cross between a little pat and a rub - and I said, 'Hi honey'...I'm sure the people around were wondering about that!!!! LOL (Tyler didn't say like 'hi mom' or anything :)

Speaking of Tyler, TODAY is that kid's 17TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TYLER BOY!) I'm planning to do a special post about the sweet little guy who stole my heart 17 years ago so check back later. For now, I have to get ready to go visit the other guy who stole my heart! LOL

Edited to add: Oh my, I can't believe I forgot to thank you all for praying for us...where are my manners?! I was raised to be a VERY polite person; that was a big thing at our house growing up and it paid off - my siblings and I ARE very polite adults :) So, THANK YOU!!!!!


  1. Awwwwwwwww, Michelle...I'm so happy everything went well and will let everyone know on the blog that Bobby is fine!!!

    Happy Birthday Tyler!!


  2. Praise the Lord!!! What a wonderful relief, Michelle! I'm sure you must feel like an enormous weight has been lifted from your shoulders. I know your surgery is Tue and I got a card out to you yesterday. I wanted you to have it before you went but I don't think it will get there in time. I just want you to know I will be spending a lot of time in prayer for you on Tuesday. Hope you enjoy your time with those two special fellows that stole your heart (I love that!!)

  3. First of all ....what a relief! Prayer WORKS! I absolutley truly believe that. And I am sure Bobby is getting himself ready to break out of there....
    Secondly, Happy Birhtday Tyler!!!!
    Remember you are never too old for cake!!!!!

    Love you guys!!

  4. I've been out of town on vacation and then trying to catch up around the house FROM vacation. I'm just now catching up with my blogging buddies.

    Wow, a lot has sure happened lately in your household. Thank God Bobby is fine and he knew enough to drive himself to the hospital!! Sometimes I find when we are facing trials OURSELVES, the Lord allows other things to happen around us to take the focus off of what WE, OURSELVES are facing!! You are going into Tuesday with a wonderful attitude. You are covered in prayer. God is faithful and the Ultimate Healer. We are praying for you and the hands of the doctor to be guided by HIM.

    I'll be checking back in on ya.

    Covering you, and your family, in prayer sister!!



  5. I love when we can see God answer prayers like that. I'm so happy everything went well.

    I had to laugh at your "hi honey" story.


  6. What a wonderful report on Bobby. So happy to hear that things went so well. Why should we be so surprised when we know God is in control in the first place!?!

    Your spirits sound good Michelle. I'm thinking about you and praying for you friend.

  7. God is good! Aww Michelle I am so happy for you guys! You sound so happy too, love to hear that!

    Hugs and prayers!

  8. Wow. I cant believe all of this.

    Happy Birthday to TYler.


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