Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Tyler Update

I guess I haven't really said too much about Tyler or his recovery lately. (For those of you who don't know...Tyler is our almost 17 year old son who was involved in a serious car accident close to 2 months ago; look up post back around 5/22. Thanks again to all who prayed.)

Yesterday we got the fax from Tyler's doctor with authorization for him to return to work...WOO HOO!!!!! At the time of the accident, Tyler was working as a busboy for an upscale Chinese restaurant frequented by a lot of business executives, etc. (I'm just sayin' - it's not a $5.95 all-you-can-eat type of place.) He's a hard worker and was doing quite well earning big tips. The owners of the restaurant liked Tyler so much they actually decided to hold his job for him! Now, THAT was yet another blessing in the whole situation.

I know he'll be overjoyed to get back to work and I will be, too - now he'll stop asking us for gas money! LOL


  1. I'm so glad life is getting back to normal for him. AND YOU! He's such a handsome fella!
    Good morning to you! I've been a slacker about reading/commenting lately. I was on this morning, making some adjustments to some scheduled posts, and noticed your comment on mine. I'm trying to get caught up on some sewing that's been hanging over my head for a few months. I'm getting back my energy very slowly, but finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. :0)
    I hope you have a great week ahead!

  2. Hi,
    So glad to hear the good news about Tyler!God Is GOOD!:o)

  3. Hi Michelle!
    PTL for Tylers clean bill of health. My daughter will be 17 in Dec...so they sound close in age. It was a tough 9 months for me with her taking Drivers Ed and getting her liscence..and then I realized I didn't need to worry...GOD loves her even more than I and will take good care of her when I can't.

    I also enjoyed reading about your family gathering for the 4th and it sound so great. Wish my family all lived closer. We are all in differing states :-(.

    I hope you can create a fun place to work in. It make such a huge difference..or at least it has now, for me. Thanks for stopping by..tata4now!

    Hope your week is blessed!

  4. Im happy he is doing better now too :)

  5. That is wonderful news! What a blessing!

  6. Hi and thanks for visiting me Michelle. Glad to hear that your son in improving. Looks like you had lots of fun on the 4th. We are still working on the house..hoping for a vacation next year:) Warmly, Deb

  7. Hey Girl! I was just catching up a little on your blog. I've been a little MIA here lately in blogland, I guess life has just been pulling me away.

    I'm SO glad to hear (and see) that Tyler is doing so well! How have you been? That pool looks SO refreshing on the 4th! (it makes me REALLY miss my family in Winston -- my PawPaw has a huge pool -- oh it's wonderful!)

    Anyway... email me about how your life is when you get a second! I'd love to hear from you!!

  8. That's awesome that the restaurant held his position! Sounds like the favor of God to me!

    Have a Terrific Tuesday!

  9. I am so glad he is doing well enough to go back to work, a place he obviously liked and they for sure liked him! Plus more of a *schedule* for him, it is a real blessing.



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