Friday, July 18, 2008

Pray For Gena & Her Family

Please pray for our dear blog friend, Gena and her family. Her husband was tragically killed yesterday. (Gena's blog: My heart just aches for them. Let's lift this family up... I know Gena will appreciate our prayers.


  1. That is heart breaking news Michelle. I just went to her blog and left a message. Wow, I am so sad right now. I dont know her but Ive seen her around blogworld since we have some mutual friends. But ya know, when one of Gods family hurts, we all hurt and this has seriously broke my heart tonight. I am keeping them in prayer for sure.
    So sad,

  2. I saw this earlier this morning and I'm just heart-broken for Gena and her kids. I've been thinking about her and praying for her all day.

    Such a devastating tragedy.

  3. How sad for her. I will be keeping her in my prayers.

    It's always so hard to lose a loved one. How I wish there was something that could be said or done to make those left behind feel better.



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