Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Morning Glories

Got a question. Can anyone offer some good advice on planting morning glories to climb up an arbor? Already have an arbor in my side yard and today I'm getting some morning glory plants from a gal who thinned hers out. So please feel free to offer any tips! I was also given some canna bulbs but I'm not sure really where to plant them (I know they've gotta be in sun). Bring on the advice...I'm listening! Oh, and I live in Michigan but don't know what zone that is right off the top of my head :) Thanks in advance!


  1. Dear Michelle, I do believe Morning Glories will climb up anything in front of them. I have been pulling them out of my garden. Somehow they got in there and they are strangling my blueberries and tomato plants. They are pretty, but sometimes they get out of hand. I think you will have no trouble growing them. Have a pleasant Tuesday, Kathi

  2. Watch out for the morning glory, it is a huge weed problem here in WA! We had to spend hours pulling it out of the church garden beds it will strangle anything in its path! You might want to check out Honeysuckle or evergreen climatis instead! Those are really wonderful for arbors...go online and google them to see if they grow well in your area, I usually put in "does, fill in the blank, grow in WA State???" in the google search bar, it is amazing the helpful stuff that pops up!!!

    Thanks for the welcome back, please email me and let me know how Tyler is doing! I have been praying for him like crazy...when I think about my Tyler, (which is a lot, cause he is experiencing technical difficulties right now!), I pray for your Tyler too...

  3. Morning Glory will climb on ANYTHING! They are SO beautiful when they are blooming, but like the other ladies said, keep 'em under control.

    They should be easily trained to climb.

  4. I don't ever have much luck with morning glories, so I'm no help! LOL!
    BUT, I LOVE your new ride!!! What a great surprise for you! I know you'll enjoy it a lot, especially when you have to fill 'er up. ;o)


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