Friday, May 16, 2008

Yearlong Christmas Plan, Month 5

Uh-oh, guess I'm a bit late in posting about the Yearlong Christmas Plan suggestions - usually I did that at the beginning of the month, not the middle. Oh well :0)


*Get the whole family involved in having a garage sale. Save some of the proceeds for Christmas presents or a special family trip during the holidays.


So the weekend is finally here! Does anyone have any special plans? My husband is going out of state for a week long golf trip. He's pretty excited! There are a group of 20+ guys who've been going on this annual golf outing for about 20 years or so. Same place every year. Some of the men have retired or moved (like us) since that first trip, but even so most of them make it a top priority to go. It's a nice reunion for the guys and I know Bobby's been looking forward to it for many months.

Our girls are going to an overnight youth group retreat tonight, then tomorrow the kids are participating in a community clean-up day. I honestly don't know how those kids can stay up all night without a wink of's been a LONG time since I could do that! LOL

I'd love to hear what you're up to! Whatever you do, have a great weekend :)


  1. I was wondering just the other day about this months Christmas plan and meant to ask you when you were going to post it but forgot LOL

    I'll email you back later on today because gotta head to LAWL now very soon. Pray for me because Ihavent been doing the best in that area the last few days :(

    Our wknd plans are: I have a couple returns to do, gotta get Roc's hair cut at the salon. And I have to pick up some hair color to color my hair, gotta finish painting my chair, gotta start tanning for our trip and gotta finalize plans to our trip...and gotta think of something to plan for Rob and my 13 wedding anniversary which is next Tuesday :) Yay cant wait :) :)
    I have some cleaning to do around the home as well. I think thats about all for this weekend.
    Lov C

  2. This is our camping club weekend so it's all socializing for us this weekend!

    We belong to a camping club that meets regularly, once a month. We have been members for over a year now and have made wonderful, dear friends in the process.

    This month were in a beautiful place, near the beach, near my sister, and with great friends...what could be better than that!

  3. Michelle, This is a really good idea. I forget to be saving for Christmas, and then it sneaks up on me. My hubby comes home tonight from being gone all week! I am so glad. We will probably plant some flowers. Enjoy your quiet evening. Although your son will be home? Are you going to do anything fun together?

    Hugs, Kathi

  4. Hi Michele,
    This weekend I am working on a commission mosaic piece, planting a rose bush and maybe picking up some more plants to plant :-).

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.


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