Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pray for Tammy

I've mentioned my cousin Tammy in earlier posts. But I'm not sure I've ever really shared too much about her other than us getting together to hang out or whatever.

Well, Tammy is a cousin on my mom's side of the family. Her birth mom was my mom's youngest sister but she & her brother were adopted and raised by one of my mom's older sisters. That's the short version of the story.

Tammy is about a year & a half older than me, give or take a few months. (Sorry, I'm too lazy to figure it out right now! lol) My sister & I always had a lot of fun when we got together with Tammy. We really have some fond memories of growing up. (There's actually one story I'd LOVE to share with you but my sister would absolutely kill me if I did...she reads my blog! Don't worry, Lisa, I won't tell!)

I kinda lost touch a bit with Tammy when I lived out of state but we got back in contact after I moved back just over 2 years ago. During that time, I heard through the family grapevine Tammy had thyroid cancer. Talk about devastating news! She had surgery and the doctors were confident they got it all. However, last year she had another 'go around' with it. Again, she had surgery and has been doing quite well.

Lately, she's been having severe neck pain. (You probably know where I'm going with this...) Yup, Tammy suspects the cancer is back and is waiting for them to do additional testing.

I can't even begin to tell you what I'm feeling right now. I just cried and cried a couple nights ago. I know we haven't heard any news yet and - as my mother always used to say - I need to quit borrowing trouble. But even the possibility of losing Tammy to cancer is incomprehensible to me. I can't wrap my mind around that one, let me tell ya.

My mom died from breast cancer at age 49. Tammy's birth mom died from brain cancer at age 46 or 47. They're buried next to each other. Tammy's adoptive mom (Aunt Lois) is dealing with breast cancer right now. It's all so sad.

Please join me in prayer for my dear cousin. She's so close to my heart and I love her like she's another sister. We scrapbook and craft together and have the most wonderful time whenever we have an opportunity to hang out. I'll update if I hear any news...

I'm hanging on to this verse...

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, whose thoughts are fixed on you!

Isaiah 26:3


  1. Shell,
    you know that Ive been praying hard for Tammy and will continue to do so. I know how hard it is for you because you and Tammy are close. Lets just keep trusting the Lord.
    Love Candy

  2. Oh Michelle - know that I will pray for your sweet cousin Tammy. I, too, have a cousin named Tammy that is just about a year younger than me. Your cousin will be easy for me to remember!

    And just hang on to that verse. We will agree in prayer that she does NOT have more cancer and that if she does, the Lord can heal her!

    Keep us posted on how she is doing.

  3. I just prayed. sorry this is happening - but God is good and He loves you and He IS in control

  4. Michelle:

    I too am dealing with a family member who is fighting cancer. I will pray for your beloved Tammy as I hold my brother-in-law in prayer daily. (Praying for you too my friend)

    With Love,
    Debbie Kay

  5. Oh Michelle! As I sit here and cry with you I will also pray like crazy. How very very sad, and then to read on that this is Aunt Lois' adopted daughter, the same Aunt Lois I pray for also, it just breaks my heart. Yes we need to have faith but that initial shock of starting to worry, ( even though we are not for sure we need to be worrying) is a real heaviness on your heart. I can tell you to just hang in there and it will all be ok , but I know easier said then done. Sometimes that worrying just gets a strong hold on ya, its horrible. I wish right now we could sit and hold hands and pray together, please know you are in my thouhgts, not just at this moment but throughout the day as well...... you and Tammy! Keep us posted!

    Love ya!

  6. Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments and your thoughtful concern. I really appreciate your prayers for Tammy. I think I forgot to mention that she's only 41 years old. (Hey, even typing that makes me *feel* old! ha ha ha I can remember when we were in junior high!) Anyway, it means a lot that you're thinking of her and praying. I know 'PRAYER CHANGES THINGS'!!!

  7. Michelle, you certainly have alot to deal with right now and have a heavy heart for your loved one I'm sure...but God has a perfect plan for Tammy and remember that he loves her even more than you do!

    It's so hard to do sometimes but trust in the Lord and continue to pray...we will all pray for your Tammy!

    Please keep us prayer warriors up to date!

  8. I'm definitely praying my friend.

  9. Hey Michelle,
    I just prayed for Tammy. I'm sorry to hear that she may be going through this again. I can only imagine how scary that must be (AGAIN). But God is good. He is in control, and He hears our prayers.

    Jen in MS

  10. Michelle, I will pray for Tammy. I'm so sorry about this. Please keep us updated on her situation. I know two women who fully recovered from that kind of cancer. One of them is my sister Kelli. Kelli has been cancer free for three years now. I will pray that Tammy gets the best doctors.



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