Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Survived!

Oh yes indeed...I survived the garage sale! lol I decided not to even bother with it today because we actually sold a lot yesterday. The weather has turned colder again and I don't feel like sitting out there anymore. (I don't like being cold.) I'll box the remaining things up and get 'em outta here! The nice thing about having a sale is NOW the garage is CLEAN - yay! Oh, and not to mention we got rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff sitting around.

I have to share a funny story...I made polite conversation with the people who came to the sale, of course, and one lady was telling me that a lot of people having sales seem to be pricing their items really high this year. One gal having a sale got rather rude with the lady telling me the story when she was offered 5 cents less than a quarter for an item. C'mon people, we're talking about GETTING RID of stuff here...NOT making a ton of money!!! I thought that was kind of funny know, because it's just SO RIDICULOUS TO QUIBBLE ABOUT FIVE CENTS :) Makes ya wonder what people think sometimes, doesn't it?!


  1. Ha! That story made me laugh!

    I remember back when my parents were building their house, I was in 11th grade. We had a yardsale every other week for about 3 months or so. The philosophy was, if it doesn't sale -- give it away. Everything that didn't sale by noon was loaded up and taken to GoodWill. We even paid someone else to haul away some of the stuff!

    Hope you are doing great! I miss our emails! (but I know we have both been super duper busy!)


  2. Oh so glad to hear that the garage sale was a success and that you didn't have to sit out in the cold again today!

    Your 5 cents story...exactly why I don't do garage sales.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Funny story. I'm glad you only had to do one day. Congratulations on getting everything cleaned out. Wanna come help me?

    P.S. Have you heard any news from Tammy?

  4. hey shell :)
    checkin in real quick glad the sale went well :)
    things are going good here actually :)
    love c

  5. Oh good for you Michelle. I'm happy you had a successful sale. I agree with you about the pricing. The goal is to get rid of things, and hopefully make a tiny bit of money on it. On the flip side,I discovered that it's easier to ask $5.00 for a kitten than to put "Free." People will buy one with a price because all of a sudden they have value attatched to them. Happy Sunday.


  6. OMG.I agree..
    glad your sale went good!!

  7. People do haggle over prices. Me, I'm happy for the stuff to be gone & end up giving things away.
    Glad to hear your sale was a success!
    Hugs, DebraK

  8. I'm glad your sale was successful! I can't imagine arguing over 5 cents...too funny!


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