Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Yearlong Christmas Plan, Month 3

OK, I think February just went waaaaaay too fast, how 'bout you?! I mean, I am sorta glad in a way because it means we're that much closer to spring but time sure does fly, doesn't it? Well, here we are again at the beginning of another new month...that means it's time to take a look at what we're going to do this month to prepare for Christmas 2008 using the "divide and conquer" method, according to Kathy Peel, aka "The Family Manager".


*Start a special Christmas savings account so you won't have to charge your Christmas gifts and end up paying a high interest rate. (One way to do this is to take the money you get back from coupons each week and deposit it directly into a savings account at a nearby bank.)


Does anyone remember those Christmas clubs at the bank or credit union? My parents used to do that. Do any of you currently have an account like that?


  1. I'm really thinking about getting one of those at the Allegacy credit union we use. They also have a vacation fund account too that we've thought of trying for next year. :o)

    Hope you are great!
    Talk to you soon!

  2. This is so so smart! We are actually taking a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University small group class right now and he talks about this. Budgeting every month for Christmas --- duhhh! Christmas comes the same day every year - why not prepare for it!? haha

    We are so determined to not use credit cards in our household - so setting aside savings just for Christmas makes so so much sense! :)

    God bless!

  3. Yeh we did that years ago.....I remember my Grandma would go in there to put extra money in.....and in fact I think my girlfriend still has something like that but it is just a separate account she puts money in for xmas....I always try to start saving early but something always breaks on the car or furnace or something BIG and ruins my savings!! lol But I am going to try again this year, thanks for the reminder!!


  4. That is a great idea. We did do that when my husband worked for his previous company. Now that he has his own business, we try to budget a little bit every month.

    Thank you for continuing to share your Christmas planning calendar. I always forget how quickly the year flies by. How does that happen? And, yes, February was a VERY short month, or so it seemed to me, even with the extra day!


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