Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thank you!

Thanks for your prayers & well wishes for Aunt Lois. She is back home now and doing much better, from what my cousin has said. PRAISE GOD!

I don't work full time but I've had recently had a few opportunities to make a little extra $$ so I've been a bit scarce around here in "blogland". Let me tell ya, I'm so thankful for how God has been in all the "little details" of this situation. I'm able to still be here when my kids get out of school, which has always been top priority for me. Also, I can work around my own schedule - like if I've got something else going on, it doesn't interfere. I'm very happy!

Happy Wednesday to everyone!


  1. Hey Shell
    Glad to hear Aunt Lois is back home and doing better.
    I will email ya back soon.
    Love C

  2. So glad to hear your Aunt is back home. And glad to hear you are happy :-)

  3. Oh I am so glad to hear she is home! Make sure and keep us updated on her! Oh such good news....



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