Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Living Room....

I sewed the window treatments several years ago from fabric I found on sale at a local upholstery shop. I bought quite a bit of it at the time. If you look around the room, you'll see many touches of this same fabric that pulls everything together. Surprisingly enough, I have never gotten tired of it, even after almost 10 years of decorating with it!
I'll be sharing the "before & after" projects of the room during the rest of this week so be sure to visit again.
Thanks for looking at my living room!


  1. I love the paneling in your livingroom! Pretty fireplace and I love that chaIR with all those different patterns! Where did you get that mirror with the checkerboard frame on the wall behind it? It's so cute!


  2. Just got your email so I came right over to check it all out :)
    I love everything. Im so going to steal some of your ideas..LOL, IM serious..just wait til I show ya!
    I especially like how you tie everything together with the B&W polka dot that I notice all over, LOVE that! Im stealing that idea, especially with adding it to the picture frame. LOVE IT!!
    I also love the little sides of the ottoman with the fabric patches....how cute is that!!!
    I love the walls above your sofas with all those pics...love, love love it.
    Love the J in the center of the mirrors...you can tell your a rue decorator at heart.
    Love the fireplace, love the armoire, and LOVE the chest of drawers with the mirror and especially love the window thingys on the side of that mirror (forget the name at this moment LOL) anyway, Im stealin that idea too!
    Mua ha ha ha haa

    Love ya, gonna email you now
    Love C

  3. Hi Manuela, Thanks for the compliments :) I actually decoupaged scrapbook paper onto an old mirror frame. There's a older post about it on the blog here.

    Hi Candy, Girl, ya crack me up! Glad ya like everything! Please feel free to use whatever ideas you'd like to :)

  4. Hey! :) I came over from candy's page - and really like the blog and love the living room! :)

    very pretty! :) have a great day!

  5. Oh I love your blog and Oh I love your living room. Can't wait to see more....


    Debbie Kay

  6. Welcome Randi & Debbie ~ Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my blog :) Thanks, too, for the nice compliments - your kind words are very appreciated! C'mon back to visit anytime - I'll be over to visit you guys, too!

    Have a wonderful day!


  7. You do such a beautiful job sewing, Michelle. I agree with you completely about the fabric pulling everything together. Wish I could come and visit you and we could sit in this beautiful room and chat!

  8. Oh everything is so pretty and neat! You're very talented, and I love the way you've pulled it all together with the inspiration material. I'm looking forward to seeing more. Have a great day, Michelle!


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