Thursday, January 10, 2008

An old cookbook with some great advice

I'm not a collector of cookbooks. I have a few that I really like but I don't have a whole bookshelf full of them or anything.

Every year for Christmas (or something like that) there was a church cookbook included in my mom's gift from my grandparents. Well, one of those old cookbooks found its way to my house after my mom died. It's from 1982 put out by the "Mary Martha Circle" of a local Baptist church in the town I grew up in. I just love the "tried and true" recipes that tend to be in those type of cookbooks. You know, Grandma Smith's famous apple cobbler or Aunt Betty's homeade macaroni and cheese - that's what I'm talking about!

So I was looking up a particular recipe the other night in that church cookbook. I found the following recipe and thought it was so good that I wanted to share it. Just as a reminder for all of us, ya know. I'm sure many of us have already read this lots and lots of times but it never hurts to be reminded to strive for a happy home!


4 cups of LOVE
2 cups of LOYALTY
5 spoons of HOPE
4 spoons of TENDERNESS
4 quarts of FAITH
1 barrel of LAUGHTER

Take LOVE and LOYALTY, mix thoroughly with FAITH. Blend it with TENDERNESS, KINDNESS, and UNDERSTANDING. Add FRIENDSHIP and HOPE, sprinkle abundantly with LAUGHTER. Bake it with SUNSHINE, and serve daily with generous helpings.


  1. Hi Michelle,
    I enjoyed the recipe, if we would just think on it daily:o)
    I do Collect cookbooks I love the old ones and church cookbooks are Wonderful.Some of the recipes I have say :use lard or butter the size of a hen egg or butter the size of a goose egg.My Moms Family Came form Pigeon Forge,Tn. back then it was mtns. not tourtist town, alot of the way she taught me to cook was that way they cooked and didn't use recipes like we do.
    They raised most of their food ,the men would hunt and fish for thier meats.I remember as a kid visitng Grandparents and Great Uncle and Aunts ,they'd have a table seemed a mile to to me as a kid they'd have maybe 1 meat and 10 Dishes of veggies ,always has bis.and cornbread and dessert of some sort.
    They had fruit trees and black walnut trees.
    O.K. I better hush. One of my favorite
    Hope you have a Blessed day.
    Blessins' Dear Friend!

  2. I am a cookbook collector and some of my favorites are church cookbooks. I love that "recipe" you shared.

  3. What a great recipe :o)

    I only have 1 church cookbook (it was one of my Mom's but most of the recipes were dulplicates of other church cookbooks that she had... so it's now mine! yay) It was produced by the "Lamp Ladies in 1989", and I have not had one bad recipe come from it!

    My other favorite cookbooks are the Gooseberry Cookbooks. I love all the little ditties they have in them about decorating and everyday life inspirations.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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