Thursday, December 6, 2007

Free entertainment

We are what you'd consider a very musical family. As a matter of fact, anyone visiting our home might believe that guitars are part of my home decor :0) (There are guitars in my living room on stands. Bobby & Tyler just pick them up and start playing away. Anytime can be a "jam session" around here! ha ha ha) We all love music! My husband writes songs and sings, as well as plays a variety of instruments. Our son is exactly the same ~ he plays guitar in a band. (Yeah, like a real band! They play at different venues around the area and actually make a little bit of $$.) Our daughters both sing in school choirs. (So far we've been to 4 different school concerts within this last week :)

That leads me to the free entertainment part of this post :) Last night I had the pleasure of attending the holiday choir/band concert at our local high school. Taylor sang in the choir and several of the school bands played. The jazz band/concert band/symphony band ~ they were all actually really good!

I'd encourage you to check out your local school's holiday concerts! It was heartwarming to see the crowd that turned out last night....the balcony was full, in addition to the floor seats of the auditorium, plus it was "standing room only" around the perimeter. That's a good crowd! So if you decide to check out your local school's programs, not only would you be supporting the kids, you can consider it free holiday entertainment :) Now, that's a win/win, isn't it?


  1. Hi,
    I don't know what happened to me.Lol I'm from a musical Family , all I know about music is when I hear it I either like it or I don't.
    When we have gatherings and everyone sings all I can do is pat my foot and hands.Lol
    Have a great day.
    Blessins', Lib

  2. That is excellent advice! School and church concerts can be wonderful! I am the most musically challenged person in the world, so I envy you and your family!

  3. What a great idea!

    I've actually started making a list of 'free entertainment' opportunities that I hear about around Burlington. Being new to the area, you don't always hear about these kind of things, but most of the time, they are the best places to spend your time!

    Sounds like Taylor's concert was a big hit!

    Our family was never really 'musical' ~ although I played the piano until I was in 10th grade, and picked up the flute in the 6th grade band. Music fills some of my most fond memories! As I'm sure it does yours as well!

    Have a great weekend Michelle!


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