Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday Openhouse...

Tonight was the culmination of the craft frenzy that's been going on around here recently. I held the craft open house that I had mentioned in an earlier post. The turnout wasn't quite what I was hoping for...but I do think it's hard to schedule something that is going to fit well with the schedules of a big group - especially as we jump into the holiday season and everyone becomes busier than ever. I enjoyed some nice conversation with the ladies who attended and it was a good time! They were very complementary and I appreciated their positive feedback. (I have been contemplating the opening of an Etsy shop for many months now and I may just do that!)

There were picture frames, altered clipboards, altered journals, aprons, Christmas stockings and ornaments, memory boxes, peppermint bath salts, vanilla sugar body scrub, tags - quite a nice variety and many of the items were unique "one-of-a-kind" gift items.

Here some pictures of the big night....I am one tired chick, let me tell ya!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi,
    Wow ,What Beautiful Crafts you make:o)
    Thanks for sharing the pics.
    Don't give up keep on Showing ,sales will come .Good Luck with your sales.Just don't give up ,some shows are pretty much no sales, some great sales !
    Blessins', Lib

  2. Michelle!! I loved the pictures!!
    You DID have quite the variety! That is SO awesome! You did ALOT!!
    And for the amount of people that attended...I think you made a great amount of money (that you told me about in the email)! I have to say it...I told ya so!!!! :D
    Now rememeber..you didnt invite a whole lot of people... if you had, you would have made much more. But dont be hard on yourself at all. From the amount you invited, you did well. Plus it was about the experience too. Now you know you CAN do it. You know people will buy your stuff. You now know what Ive been saying all along..that you are really good! Im sure everyone told you that. I looked at the close up of the stockings again and the detail is amazing..with the trims and buttons and the sewing itself.
    You have to pat yourself on the back. Im proud of you for facing your fears and going out of yor comfort zone. You did it Michelle! It was a success in every way.
    Yay for you!!
    And yes, you need to have an etsy shop.
    Candy :)

  3. First of all, I wish I could have been there!! Everything looks so amazing, Michelle ~ I can't even imagine all of the hard work and long hours you spent working on everything. I loved how you had things displayed so beautifully and I'm sure that all of the ladies loved the time they spent in your home. You are so talented and I definitely agree with Candy that you should open up your own Esty shop (before Christmas) when people are looking for gifts! I'm glad you can finally put away your glue gun! LOL :o)

  4. Michelle, your items look beautiful. Did you sell your La Toilette black and white sign? If not, what is the price? I think I may have the perfect spot for that sign.




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