Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Purse picture

I've made several of these purse pictures over the last few months - one for Taylor, one for Tess and a few to give as gifts. That's what the one pictured was - a birthday gift for Tess's friend. She really liked it a lot and even had it already hanging on the wall in her bedroom when I went to pick Tess up!
Many thanks again to Jennifer @ This Is The Day for her wonderfully creative ideas - this purse picture idea originally came from her and I've kind of modified details each time I've made one. On this one, I added the pretty trim for a more three-dimensional look and I was pleased with how it turned out!


  1. Hi, Michelle, thanks so much for coming by to see me. I really appreciate all the folks that take time to stop by.

    Love what you've made!


  2. That is such a cute gift! I really love this idea.

  3. Just found your blog,enjoyed my visit.
    Don't you just love those trash to treasure projects.:o)

  4. Ladies,
    Thank you all for your sweet comments! It's very nice of you and I'm pleased and honored that you come to visit my blog.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit! Yes, I LOVE the T2T projects, although my kids get a bit nervous if we're driving down the road and I see something to pick up! LOL I've only done that a few times but they don't like being with me AT ALL - they're afraid someone will actually SEE us! But I've found an ottoman, vintage suitcases, a round wooden table with beautiful carvings...I've hit upon some treasures that I'll share in later posts!

    Thanks again, gals - have a wonderful day!

  5. I remember when Jen posted about those purses! This one is adorable. I love them, they are so creative.

    Thanks for coming by for a visit and for your prayers for me to feel better. All of the wonderful ladies here in blogland have prayed me back to feeling better, lol. Just in time;)

    Have a great week!

  6. Looks absolutely adorable!! Great job! :0)


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