Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mirror, mirror on the wall....

Can you stand one more post about a trash-to-treasure mirror?! Well, I've got another one! I really love round shaped mirrors and wanted one to hang in my living room. Neither one of my daughters wanted to use the lime green mirror in their rooms so I decided to redo it guessed it! Yes, more scrapbook paper - LOVE that stuff! LOL (Oh, and I really do use it for its intended purpose of making scrapbooks - someday I'll share some things I've made - but mostly I've given them all away as gifts :)

*On another note*...if you wouldn't mind, please say a prayer for my husband and his family. One of his uncles is dying; they honestly don't expect Ted to make it through the day. (My husband is actually making the hour-long trip there right now.) He was moved to hospice this past Sunday night. Ted is the brother of my mother-in-law. Thank you in advance for uplifting this family in prayer; it is a very difficult time for everyone, especially Bobby's grandma. It's really sad.


  1. I am praying for Bobbys uncle. It is sad :( I will keep you all up in prayer.
    Love Candy

    I love all your projects! Keep posting them because you have talent girl!!!
    LOVE the "J" too :)

    love candy

  2. I will pray for his uncle, too. It's very hard to lose a loved one. I'm keeping all of you in my prayers, and for safe travel.

    I love seeing your projects and what you do with scrapbooking paper, too! Keep showing pictures!

  3. Hi, Michelle, I love this new mirror project too! I will definitely have to get some of that scrapbook paper. Back when I was decoupaging more, I don't remember it being available. There are SO many pretty patterns.

    and YES, I did just get my hair cut shorter. You can see that one pic of me & Debbie that I posted at the Beth Moore Nashville conference. I'm still gettting used to it shorter, but so far I'm liking it pretty well. I may let it grow just about an inch & keep it there. We'll is always changing!

    So sorry for your hubby's uncle & I hope things go well.


  4. Thanks, ladies, for your sweet comments and your prayers. I appreciate each of you taking the time to stop by!

    **UPDATE** No change regarding Bobby's uncle. Bobby went to see him yesterday, as I had shared. Ted opened his eyes once or twice but at this point he is very heavily sedated in an effort to keep him comfortable until the end. Please continue to keep them all in prayer. I'm honestly so concerned about Bobby's grandma... Thank you very much :)

  5. What neat mirrors :o) I also couldn't help by notice your "J" ~~~ I have a "S" that hangs in our living room as well. I think yours caught my eye b/c mine used to be gold too. I decided to paint it black to match our room a bit better.

    Your family will certainly be in my prayers. It's so hard when a loved one is ill. I know your mother in law will be so glad to have your husband there with her.

    I hope your weekend is filled with blessings!


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