Tuesday, August 21, 2007

10 Random Facts

Just thought I'd share a few random facts about me with you!

1) All three of our children's names begin with the letter "T" ~ Tyler, Taylor, and Tess.
2) My husband and I first met at a church youth group party when I was 14 years old and he was 17 years old. I thought he was one of the most arrogant, obnoxious, irritating guys I'd ever met in my life ~ I actually went home and told my mother that! Who would have ever thought in a million years that our paths would cross again 7 years later, we would start dating and get married a year after that?! Not me, that's for sure! But here we are almost 17 years later and I think he's wonderful!
3) My husband and I are living proof of the phrase "opposites attract"! Our personalities and interests are different, yet we balance each other out well.
4) My late mother and I sewed my wedding dress and headpiece/veil.
5) I am the middle child in my family. I have an older sister and a younger brother.
6) I once worked as a temporary employee at a General Motors Plant building engines on the assembly line.
7) I LOVE to read. I mean, LOVE it! You know, like become totally absorbed in the book kind of lovin' it. I usually finish a 300+ page novel within a couple of days.
8) Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I LOVE a great bargain. (Uh, my kids just call me cheap :) I enjoy thrifting, going to garage sales and yes, I've even done some "curbside shopping" in my life, though not often. I'm just saying I've done that before and I'll share some of my "trash to treasure" projects in a later post.
9) I do not like peas. At all. No thanks, I'll pass! Yes, I've tried them. No, I still don't care for them.
10) Last but not least, I NEVER thought I would actually start blogging!

So, there you have it, a little bit about me :)


  1. Wow Michelle, I loved learning all the interesting facts about you. That is so funny about you and your husband's first encounter and what you thought of him ~ I'm sure is he mighty glad you changed your opinion about him;o) LOL I love, love, love to read, too but I hate to tell you but I absolutely LOVE peas!!

  2. I loved reading this post too Michelle!! Although I already knew a few :) but didnt know about the peas I dont think...too funny though :) I really like this new blog look!
    Love Candy

  3. Hi Michelle, I found you! I think we've got a lot in common after reading your list! My mother and I made my wedding dress and veil, and if I sit down to read, I don't stop, either. My husband calls me a speed reader. I do read fast, but not that fast! LOL! And, I never thought I would be a blogger, either.
    I've added you to my favorites!
    See ya soon,

  4. I read all your facts but I want pictures too!

    I love peas....Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I will be back to visit & hope you will continue to drop by.

    Blogging is fun, DebraK

  5. Hey Michelle,
    I loved reading your list!! It's always great to post stuff like this to allow others to get a glimpse of you!! I LOVED the one about meeting your husband! That's hilarious!

  6. I am a fast reader too..but then find it hard to want to get anything done..haha!...I am in a KAren Kingsbury series...caught up...and now finishing a old Grace Livingston HIll book.....just LOVE books...but try not to read unless I spend time in the WORD first...


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